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We are a 24 hour online Soul station playing the best in all that's soul..from the 60's 70's 80' & 90's Disco - Soul & Funk era.

Information about the radio

Since our launch, S.C.R has become one of the most listened to Soul stations on the internet. This is thanks partly to our line up of experienced D,Js & presenters that continue to play the best mix of music and of course more importantly thanks YOU our listeners.Our goal here at S.C.R is to provide you the listener with the ultimate mix of Soul Disco Funk Soulful House Anthems,to take you back to a place in time and spark happy memories, with just one song. Only then will we have achieved what we set out to do!

Kontakty na rozhlasovou stanici

Adresa: trafalgar sq
Webová stránka:
Facebook: @scronline
Twitter: @soulcentralscr

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Lee Robinson, před 2 roky
Soul Heaven
Herb Lane, před 2 roky
Lovin It keep on Groovin
A Man, před 2 roky
Please play Good Girls by Joe. What a track! And keep on doing what ypou do. I listen every day.
Marcia Scott, před 2 roky
Stuart Fung, před 2 roky
Great music and all the soulful classics I've missed over the years
david casselman, před 2 roky
used to name song and artist, can that be installed again ?
John Abbey, před 2 roky
Cracking station, looking forward to listening to Ian Barley, he's still the man.....
Colin Shettle, před 2 roky
anonymous, před 2 roky
Excellent this!
David Wigley, před 2 roky
Sheer class,best music ever,outstanding tunes❤️❤️
Jan Buey, před 2 roky
Loving your show Simon ??????
anonymous, před 2 roky
Simply the best radio station for the magic era of dance, jazz funk and soul. Brilliant ???
Steven Hodge, před 2 roky
Great station playing soul funk and jazz classics from today and way back. davey Onetone is a great DJ.
Riccardo Pagan, před 2 roky
The most beautiful soul and funky radio. Dave Onetone is the best d.j. of the world. Greetings from Bassano del Grappa Italia
Sabine, před 2 roky
The best on the Planet Earth.
Desiree Johnson, před 2 roky
DJ Dave Onetone one of the Best DJ’s in the universe the best thing to my father. Lots of love to You.??????
Soul Central Radio the home of real soul music, před 2 roky
thank you guys

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