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ABC NewsRadio is a great radio station available on 630 KHz, AM in Sydney, Australia. The main topics of ABC NewsRadio are: news. You can also feel free to share the radio station with your friends in Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

ABC News is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation 24-hour news radio service. It is available on a number of broadcasts around Australia, including AM/FM radio, some pay-TV platforms and online.

Originally called the Parliamentary and News Network (PNN), the AM/FM radio network is chartered to broadcast live the proceedings of parliament, either the House of Representatives or the Senate, as specified by the standing orders. Also broadcast, at the end of each day's sitting, is a recording of Question Time for the chamber that was not broadcast live that day. These restrictions do not apply to the other broadcasts of Newsradio.

Parliamentary broadcasting was commenced by Ben Chifley's government on 10 July 1946 on ABC Radio. These broadcasts received their own frequencies in the 1980s as PNN. The PNN/ABC NewsRadio service was introduced in August 1994 to use the Parliamentary broadcasting frequencies which were not being used when Parliament was not in session.

ABC News has a 24-hour news format, including extensive finance, science and IT reports, as well as extended reports from the ABC's local and international news sources.

ABC News also rebroadcasts international programming from the BBC, DW-Radio, Radio Netherlands and All Things Considered from NPR. On AM and FM radio, ABC News also broadcasts Australian Football League matches on weekends in New South Wales and Queensland, where the National Rugby League is the more popular football competition and thus is broadcast on ABC Local Radio services in those two states.

ABC News callsigns for stations on the AM radio band are always xPB, where x is the number denoting the particular state or territory and PB stands for Parliamentary Broadcasting. ABC NewsRadio stations on the FM radio band use callsigns of the format xPNN.

ABC News also uses resources from around the world such as news bulletins and programs from the BBC.

From September 2001, the 24-hour news format began live audio streaming on the Internet. When Parliament is in session, listeners who have Internet access may still receive the NewsRadio service even when the NewsRadio network is broadcasting Parliamentary proceedings over the air. From 2004, this was extended to FTA digital satellite and subscription TV services. In 2009, separate standard and parliamentary feeds were launched on digital terrestrial (DAB+) radio in the state capitals.

FM transmission was expanded greatly during a 2006-2009 program. It planned to increase the AM/FM coverage from 78% of the population to 95%.

In November 2016, the ABC announced that ABC NewsRadio and ABC News 24 rebranded as ABC News on 10 April 2017

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Telephone: +61 (02 )8333 1500, 13 9994
Address: ABC NewsRadio PO Box 9994 IN YOUR CAPITAL CITY
Instagram: @abcnews_au
Twitter: @abc_newsradio

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Merinda Sharp, 1 year ago
I cant find the yes/no bit for the live export - could you please mark me dwon as a "stop this practice all together" Thanks Merinda Sharp Humpty doo :)
Lucia C, 1 year ago
Enjoying very much the ABC NewsRadio at breakfast and then the BBC World Services at night. I find that the latter effectively covers the news from around the world.
Arash Yazdani, 1 year ago
I'm preparing myself for IELTS exam and this radio is very good for my listening skill. Of course the news which you are broadcasting is very good too and I don't need to check other news on the net.
jomeng juan, 1 year ago
...greetings from the philippines,,,great news radio
Gerald Alvar Phillips, 1 year ago
Sukri Ismail, 1 year ago
My preferred station. Everything is about news!
Martin Gallas, 1 year ago
Great source of news about Australia and the Pacific. Objective and fair.
Jos Coudyser, 1 year ago
Yes I listen in Flanders, greetings from Flanders Jos✌️

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