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Hits 93 Toronto is Canada's Biggest Radio Station, hosting hours of original content, with an emphasis on letting the music speak for itself. We're followed by nearly 200,000 people on Twitter, giving us the largest audience on social media of any radio station in Canada — and among the largest in the world.

Information about the radio

Hits 93 Toronto is proud to host #1DHour every day 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, with numerous programs throughout the day that zero-in on different music genres, including Indie/Alternative and Pop/Top 40. It's our promise that you won't hear repeats of your favourite music throughout the day on a frequent basis, giving you an opportunity to find the latest and the best new music at your own pace.

Hits 93 Toronto is a non-profit, independent radio station. And your support would be greatly appreciated, if you're willing and able to donate: PayPal.Me/Hits93Toronto. (Your donation will be used to help offset the cost of purchasing music and the hosting for our streams.)


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Celconcontabilidade Celcon, 2 years ago
Denise, 2 years ago
thanks for always playing great songs
Simona Prestigiacomo, 2 years ago
I’m in love.
rora hugged Haz, 2 years ago
#9yearsofonedirection I miss 1d :")
rainbennrs Stylison, 2 years ago
#9yearsofonedirection miss you boysss??️❤️
Alyssa Putnam, 2 years ago
Shout out to Viktor for playing one direction.
phoebe x, 2 years ago
literally the best radio station there is. always listening for 1d lmao
Annanya, 2 years ago
This is the best Radio Station in the world. Thank you for always paying One Direction. Lots of love from India.?????
bunny teeth, 2 years ago
great radio station, discovered it few months ago and i won't stop listening to it now, big kisses, keep doing what you're doing, lots of love xx -Audrey
Hot Bangla Song, 2 years ago
This is my all time favourite radio station and also I'm really grateful to you guys for always supporting Zayn. God bless you.
Настя Фурсова, 2 years ago
So many good songs )
Annelise music, 2 years ago
Always playing the best tunes. And one of the best people living rn❤
Tanner Harris, 2 years ago
Such a great radio! Always plays the best music and I love #1DHour! They support the best artists and I love them <3
Triin L, 2 years ago
Hi from Estonia. My favourite radio station :) Love that you are playing One Direction songs and that you didn't left Zayn out.
Vlad SMO, 2 years ago
Queen Nicki Minaj ???
Nico silva, 2 years ago
thanks for support the queen of rap
Kyle Harripersaud, 2 years ago
might be the first time ive heard run up on the run up on the radio where they didnt cut nickis part thanks for showing love to the Queen of rap
Nóri Imricsik, 2 years ago
my fav
Maddie Bolland, 2 years ago
It absolutely made my day that Hits 93 Toronto played 6 hours of 5 Seconds of Summer, my favourite band, uninterrupted! I tuned in at work, and it made the time so much more enjoyable. It's so nice to see them getting recognition for the wonderful mu...
Brend González, 2 years ago
I love 5sos thanks ✨❤️
Fernanda Zugarazo, 2 years ago
It literally made my day hearing 6 hours of 5 Seconds of Summer, my fav band
Mafe Rondón, 2 years ago
5 Seconds of Summer my favorite band!! Excellent music, THANK YOU ??❤️
Dylan Pourier, 2 years ago
Thank you for the nicki day
stiven cardona, 2 years ago
is perfect
Emma Krog, 2 years ago
Thank you for the Louis Tomlinson songs :)
Camryn Kelly, 2 years ago
p e r f e c t i o n period
Emma Rovetta, 2 years ago
this is PER-FECT
Самир Алиев, 2 years ago
Поставьте пожалуйста лезгинку
George Manoiu, 2 years ago
Probably the best music a radio can offer. My office mates were staggered when I started to play HITS 93 at work
Olivia, 2 years ago
Would love to hear ERIK V One More Ride please LOVE THAT SONG !!! It’s addictive!?thanks

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