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Jazz FM 102.2 is a local British radio station focused on jazz, blues and soul music from all over the world. It is owned by GMG Radio and broadcasts since 1990. They once made an experiment and renamed this station into JFM in order to avoid mentioning “jazz”. They hoped to attract additional audience in this way. But this experiment was unsuccessful, so they renamed it again to Jazz FM. Another attempt to make Jazz FM 102.2 commercially more successful was when its managers added more R&B, easy-listening and adult contemporary music during the daytime and shifted jazz to the nighttime. But this experiment was also a failure. Currently the main focus of this radio station is on Jazz greatest hits from all over the world. But they also play blues and soul music.

Information about the radio

It is available on 102.2 MHz on FM frequency as well as on DAB, Freeview, Sky Digital. But you can also find its live stream on our website and listen to Jazz FM 102.2 online. For those who like to listen to radio on the move we have released a free app containing this radio station and many other ones. It supports Android and iOs and is available on Google Play and App Store.

Jazz FM video:


Email: info@jazzfm.com
Telephone: 02033978228
Address: 75-77 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SY
Website: www.jazzfm.com
Instagram: @jazzfmuk
Facebook: @JazzFMUK
Twitter: @jazzfm
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thisisjazzfm

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Genres: blues soul jazz

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KSJF NETRADIO, 1 year ago
who is the R&B Artist Who Sings The Song Called-Mississippi ?
Benny Bwembya Mulenga, 1 year ago
Wicked music.
Antony Stathopoulos, 1 year ago
Sérgio Pinheiro, 1 year ago
Excelente, a Jazz Fm, uma das minhas três melhores favoritas! Parabéns, um abraço para todos, daqui da Paraíba, João Pessoa, Capital!
Angus Gangar, 1 year ago
This is the BEST commercial JAZZ station in the WORLD. I LOVE IT!
Carlos Yorbin, 1 year ago
the best