NBR New Brighton Radio listen online

NBR-new brighton radio is an online community based station on the wirral in the heart of vale park,we offer a wide range of shows from community,global and mixed music.


Email: newbrightonradio@gmail.com
Telephone: 0151 638 5426
Address: New Brighton Radio, Vale House, Vale Park, CH45 1LZ
Website: newbrightonradio.wixsite.com/home
Facebook: @Newbrightonradio

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Paul Howard, 1 year ago
Great local station
Eric Baxendale, 1 year ago
Hi Lyn its great to hear your voice again on the Radio and hi to Baz its a pitty your not getting the emails we are sending but your show sounds great see you soon,Eric Baxendale
SWLE, 1 year ago
New Brighton! Great to hear NBR online in sunny New Brighton!
Alan Blakemore, 1 year ago
Listening from Bermuda feeling home sick keep up the good work .
Craig Anderson, 1 year ago
Great station
kerryanne harrison, 1 year ago
UK-Craigie Wednesday Takeover!!!
Roland van den Bossche, 1 year ago
The Howie and The Dutchman Rock Show, every Wednesday from 7-10 pm. The best Rock Show ever. You can't miss it.
Kerry Jade, 1 year ago
Amazing show craigie me and our girls are listening ❤️?
Twistedthreads UK, 1 year ago
love your show Deana Sparkles,amazing as always x
Gary Parker, 1 year ago
Andrew Pugh, 1 year ago
Love it Craig. Nice to actually here fresh music. Instead of same repeated dull tracks on mainstream stations.
Nick Fayle, 1 year ago
Great show my mate. Proud of you
Peter Grimes, 1 year ago
Phill Marshall Agourakis, 1 year ago
Love the Karl Lonnie show. Excellent choice of music and the little vignettes impersonations. Great show!!!
John Duffy, 1 year ago
Cheers Paul.
Corey Miller-McLain, 1 year ago
Great show as always Dawn!
Philippe Tu Minh Tan, 1 year ago
Great show Dawn!
Paula Plummer, 1 year ago
Thanks Andy made my night fabulous tune and fabulous set pxx
Andrea Smith, 1 year ago
As a newbie to your station, i am so happy i found it. I think its new and innovated show something to brighten up my life and it helps me get my chores done. Your show really communicates like were all part of a fun family. I am now a regular listen...
Richard Steel, 1 year ago
The alternative music show on a Friday night is the best thing since John Peel.
Rose Shipley, 1 year ago
Just been listening to Richie Carr, great show today love the 1970s theme and the quiz was a good too, keep up the good work Richie ?
Dale Beauchamp, 1 year ago
This show is great
Marian Jones, 1 year ago
Great show.
Dawn Reck, 1 year ago
Our colleague Ian Shortall, the 70's Gold and Sports radio show presenter at NBR will be sadly missed, thank you for the music and being a lovely man x
Didier Blasco-Giavitto, 1 year ago
great shows as always !! keep the spirit stronggg
Chaotic Neutral, 1 year ago
Love Dawn Reck's show!!! Much love from Boston Ma. and Atlanta GA.??
sam bennettplatts, 1 year ago
Loving Dawn Reck's 2 hour show on a Friday great reminiscing from Planet X days
Cheryle Moloney, 1 year ago
Human league is Dad all over ? love your session!
Adam Lefeuvre, 1 year ago
Absolute Bangers! From the otr team :)