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Radio Caroline has very interesting history. It was launched in 1964 by Ronan O’Rahilly as an alternative to mainstream radio stations and a protest against the monopoly of record companies who controlled all popular radio stations. This was an offshore pirate radio as Ronan didn’t obtain any license. His first studio was based on a 702-ton passenger ferry and he broadcasted from international waters.

Information about the radio

O’Rahilly gave the name Caroline to his station and his ship after Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the U.S. President. There was a time when this radio station was extremely popular, but it always had semi-legal (and sometimes illegal) status. Radio Caroline changed the ships several times and was sponsored by different people at different periods. People say that at some point even George Harrison funded them.

Currently Radio Caroline broadcasts on 648kHz AM to the east of England and on DAB+ in Aldershot/Woking, Norwich, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton and London. It plays album-oriented rock from the 1960s to the present.

At our website you can listen to Radio Caroline online. Bookmark this page with a live stream or download our free app to listen on your smartphone.


Email: Skype
Telephone: +44 (0)208 340 3831
Address: Radio Caroline, PO Box 12524, Maldon, Essex, CM9 9EX
Facebook: @radiocarolineofficial
Twitter: @theradcaroline
(text messaging only): radio.caroline

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Genres: rock oldies folk

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John Deveney, 1 year ago
Records could be better.
Alfonso SitoteneceSito, 1 year ago
Saludos desde Burgos - Spain
Johnandgreta Mann, 1 year ago
Love your show new listener John MANN
--, 1 year ago
I listen to Radio Caroline more than years and years! Not all the DJ are that good. But the music (albums) give me more different music tracks than any other radiostation around! That's why!
Phil May, 1 year ago
I remember listening to Caroline in the 60's now living in Canada and found it on the web great show. Phil May Ontario, Canada.
Сергей Моргунов, 1 year ago
Великолепный формат. Респект !
Francis Laurent, 1 year ago
Super radio,Voici de la vraie musique,merci Caroline
Heather Saxton, 1 year ago
Living Dancing My Memories.....Strangely Enough, Daily Living Routine!!! Works a Treat....Well Done Crew....!!!
Henk van Zitteren, 1 year ago
A good Radio station I listen all of 1964 off to Radio Caroline Keep up my good friends And shortly we come to visit EI Henk/Dirk
Steve Brown, 1 year ago
Great to hear the grand lady of British radio is still going
Graham Perry, 1 year ago
The Sound of the Nation! ...and still is 20436 days later!
Hans Lammers, 1 year ago
Great to know that the old lady is still alive and swinging !! My condolance to everyone now Ronan is passed away. Greetings from the Netherlands.
Jaap Bruin, 1 year ago
Nick Maskell, 1 year ago
Caroline is still the best I have been listening for 56 years and nothing else comes near
Frans de Ridder, 1 year ago
Great radio
Rudy Van Daele, 1 year ago
ik luister via internet en in de auto am 648
terry south, 1 year ago
Well done guys
femfromholland, 1 year ago
Since quit some years I listen to RC almost every day, my favorite is Tuesday night Elvis and rockabilly time I still miss Rob Harrison on Saturday though :(
Edwin B Van Calster, 1 year ago
verry good station , the sound of the nation I listen to Caroline of the biginning in 1964
Steve Nesbitt, 1 year ago
Brilliant station! I used to listen to you i the 1960s' but the reception wasn't very good where I lived. Now. that you're online I can listen to you more or less morning noon and night.
Gerry Neirinckx, 1 year ago
Every day joing the wonderful music and nice dj's voices.
Beto Gaitista, 1 year ago
I found Radio Caroline using a frequency tracker for all radio stations in the world, it is a great radio and has a really cool music program. Congratulations!
Peter Westaudiovideo, 1 year ago
Great rock station i hear for the firs in the 70 the lp track station with Status quo, Who, B J Harvest,, Deep Purpel , and more !
Константин Ананьев, 1 year ago
jesus zapata, 1 year ago
buenas noches jose j zapata colombia
Terry Yaesu, 1 year ago
Way back in 1964 i was 17yrs of age,i rode a big motorbike,had long hair, and then my world was awakened by RADIO CAROLINE and a dj who went by the name of THE EMPEROR ROSKO and i was hooked. thanks to all at caroline keep up the good music and my m...
Caroline Marchese, 1 year ago
very very good wonderful.......
David Hoggett, 1 year ago
A great album station with ace DJs like Nigel Harris, Gary Zeipe, Jerry Wright and the best breakfast DJ ever Tony Paul. Only one set of adverts an hour and no phone ins or endless DJ inane banter, just more music. The only station with its own shi...
Stephen Jones, 1 year ago
I would like to update this. A minimum subscription of £7.50 per month for a quarterly online "news letter". This needs ISBN, ISSN numbers etc.
26DX59 DXer, 1 year ago
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