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Sunshine 106.8

Sunshine 106.8

Dublin's Easy Place to Relax

Sunshine 106.8 - Dublin's Easy Place to Relax. We're the station that plays the music that helps you chill, relax and unwind - featuring Ed Sheeran, The Bee Gees, Aretha Franklin, Michael Buble, Adele, The Carpenters, Elton John and more...

Monday to Friday:
0600 Sunshine Breakfast
1000 Sunshine Workday
1400 More Music Drive
1900 Mellow Moments


Telephone: +353 818 301 068
Address: Gnd Floor, Castleforbes House, Dublin 1, D01 A8N0
Instagram: @sunshine1068fm
Facebook: @Sunshine1068fm
Twitter: @sunshine1068fm

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Joseph Benjamin, 2 months ago
The best lite station--makes NYC market stations sound inferior.
Aleksandr Pautov, 2 months ago
a lot of talk and therefore little music ......., 2 months ago
Excellent Radio Station - one of the best!!
Tommy Moore, 1 month ago
Have found you station and really enjoy it. Puts this North Carolina boy in a good mood. Makes me want to move to Dublin !! LOL
Roland Foster, 2 months ago
I'm a recently retired radio broadcaster and this is my new favorite radio station.
Kathleen Fischer, 2 months ago
I adore your radio station. I live far across the pond in Washington, Iowa USA and yours is my go to station. Your choice of music is phenomenal. Thank you so much!!!!