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Now GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE - Atarashii Sekai
08:49 Π? - ӻ
08:37 Crescendo Crescent - Crescendo Crescent
08:33 Shirakami Mashiro - I Was in Love With the City At Dawn
08:23 関ジャニ∞ エイト - Wahaha
08:14 TOKIO - Miageta ryusei

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Lori Hill, 1 month ago
Awesome live in USA this station is one of my favorite s
Rakuto Kawano, 1 month ago
Juan David Montaña, 3 weeks ago
hola soy de Colombia y los escucho a diario me gusta todo de Japon
Alejandra Hernández, 3 weeks ago
Hace poco la descubrí, ¡pero ya me encanta!:3
Piotr Bryś, 1 month ago
super radio
Dyon Bagas, 3 weeks ago
Nice radio
Khalid Maliso, 1 month ago
Such a lovely music radio...
Salah DEAN, 4 weeks ago
didogames, 1 month ago
Japan 4ever.