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みんなで創るみんなの放送局 ラヂオきしわだは岸和田を元気でいきいきさせたいと思い市民の皆様で運営して行くことを目指して、設立された地域限定の 放送局です。


Telephone: +072-431-6596
Address: ラヂオ岸和田 〒596-0076 岸和田市野田町1-6-19栄光ビル2階
Facebook: @radiokishiwada797
Twitter: @radiokishiwada

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Munekazu Toma, 1 month ago
Brasil - S. Paulo - Muito bom ! Cleanest sound end music like Cape Grim
Kowser Alam, 1 month ago
ირაკლი წურწუმია, 3 weeks ago
Konnichiwa, I listen to you from Georgia. can you tell me what's the name of song?
Eva Garcia Williams, 3 weeks ago
Bonito su idioma y su cultura.
75 Al, 2 weeks ago
I liked today the broadcast about the way you mentioned sayonara in a lot of different langages. very nice. Greetings from France.
jovanishe, 4 weeks ago
tutoriales de la costa, 4 weeks ago
saludos desde colombia ha esta hora
Shelomi Parami, 1 month ago
AWSOME RADIO KISHIWADA,, Good for learning Japanese i enjoy listening to radio KISHIWADA.
Arnie Strebe, 1 month ago
My mother was from Nagasaki and passed away a few years ago. I’m listening to Kishiwada and enjoy it thoroughly. I’m attempting to learn Japanese and I live in Bismarck, North Dakota… a long way from Japan. I was also born in Japan.
Leonel Rodriguez, 1 month ago
saludos desde berruecos colombia, !feliz año!