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First radio in Lithuania ONLY playing the best music from the 70’s and 80’s.
The first radio Lithuania, which provides listeners the original
’70s,’ 80s golden pop music hits.


Email: info@goldfm.lt
Telephone: +8 5 210 14 11
Address: UAB „Laisvoji banga”, Gariūnų g. 43A, 02300 Vilnius
Website: goldfm.lt
Facebook: @goldfmlietuva

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Genres: pop 70s 80s oldies

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Радио Панорама

Радио Панорама

Русскоязычная музыка 80-х и 90-х

El Lobo de Mina

El Lobo de Mina

Una emisora con excelencia y calidad

LG La Grande

LG La Grande

En LG La grande el viaje es por el tiempo con los grandes éxitos del recuerdo

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