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Flava Radio stations are the most recognized internet based, onward thinking, innovative equipment which is the reason why most of the people loves this station. Turn your own little brown eyes along with 30 severely acclaimed performers through almost all points, across the world along with Flava Radio. Which will be making use of their music.


Email: flava@flava.co.nz
Telephone: +0800-4-FLAVA or 0800-435-282
Address: NZME, 2 Graham Street, PO Box 32, Auckland New Zealand
Website: www.flava.co.nz
Instagram: @flavaradio
Facebook: @flavaradio
Twitter: @flavaradio
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/flavaradio

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Genres: r'n'b hip-hop

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Kaylani EFARAMA-FITI, 2 months ago
I love Ladies vs Fellas
Валерия Урываева, 3 months ago
Janille Liebenberg, 2 months ago
Its feels like yesterday when i was 17 i am now 36