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George FM started broadcasting in the spare bedroom of a flat in Grey Lynn, Auckland by Thane Kirby in 1998. The original pirate broadcaster on the Low Power FM Band, George FM was nurtured through it's infant years by a team of passionate volunteers, who helped shape and form it into the full featured radio station we have evolved into today.

At George FM, we pride ourselves on our unstructured music format. Our 75 presenters all arrive with a crate of their favourite tunes, and they have total control over the music they play. The result? An awesome collective library of over 1,000,000 tunes, with a total absence of high-rotate top 40 pop.

George FM is Aotearoa’s dance music station.

Based in Auckland, NZ. In 2021 catch bangers & bants with Lee & Tammy on George Breakfast, The George Mahi Mix with Dan Aux, George Drive with Sin & Brook, & George Nights with Abeiku. Plus heaps of specialist shows by DJs like Dick Johnson, Grant Marshall, Bavhu, Benny Boy, Otosan, Rangi, Poris, Sammie & Teto, Twofold, Chiccoreli, EMWA, Sam Lovli, Lee Mvtthews, Twentytwo, Twofold, Sly Chaos, Kidku, Tellah, Tizza, Harrison Jupe, Lew & Ro, Good Company Broadcast Group, to name just a few. DJing the full spectrum of electronic and dance music & beyond.

George FM - stream anywhere on Rova or:
• Auckland 96.6 FM
• Hamilton 107.3 FM*
• Tauranga 107.4 FM*
• Palmerston North 107.1* FM
• Wellington 106.7 FM*
• Nelson 95.5 FM
• Dunedin 107.1 FM*
• Queenstown 96.8 FM


Telephone: +64 9-928 9150
Address: 17 Hargreaves St, St Marys Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Instagram: @georgefmnz
Facebook: @GeorgeFMnz
Twitter: @GeorgeFM

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Genres: dance electronic

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