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Newstalk ZB Auckland is a hit radio station broadcasting from Auckland, New Zealand. It is a 24 hours live radio channel popular around this country. Official website of Newstalk ZB Auckland is


Telephone: +64 9 3730000
Address: 2 Graham Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Facebook: @newstalkzb
Twitter: @newstalkzb

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Genres: news talk

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Aqua Mist, 2 months ago
Elections are now subject to media shows where performance and media rates measure the credibility of a candidate therefore his/her party. All social developments and economic policies are meaningless topics of expression on the night, not thought ou...
Angela O'Carolan, 2 months ago
Hey there, I don't know the lady's name that is on right now but I absolutely Love her comments just now!!! Fantastic to hear a strong, intelligent, open minded women on the air!! Please keep up the good work!
Gary Lush, 3 months ago
Living in cairns Australia what a way to keep up to date with the home land
Ann O'Brien, 3 months ago
I don't listen to ZB to just hear what I agree with - I want to hear unbiased, intelligent discussions and opinions backed up by facts - it's my go to!!!
Paul Miller, 2 months ago
Ignore the silly left-wing comments this is not a right-wing station at all, it sits very centre un-biased. The National Party was in the crosshairs previously with its former leadership problems. New Zealand sadly lacks a press that brings the Labou...
fox dox, 3 months ago
I love love listening to Simon and James in the afternoon show
User, 3 months ago
Of course most ZB hosts are anti Labour. Just listen to monologues or interviews.