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100hitz - Hot Hitz

100hitz - Hot Hitz

Multiple genres from Country to Top40

100hitz.com is an online radio network of free Internet radio stations, featuring multiple genres from Country to Top40.


Address: 7909 Walerga #112-1308 Antelope, CA 95843
Genres: pop top40

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abby smith, 1 year ago
love this station they play all the music i like
Naybirù Zumrahgy, 1 year ago
Alex Raily, 1 year ago
good radio
Marv Moyer, 1 year ago
simply the BEST!!!!
Young Lutabey, 1 year ago
I got all my best Playlist here. 5 thumbs up for u guys
Kisay Martinez-Torres, 1 year ago
love it
Kijomo Jf, 1 year ago
i like this radio station call me Tido all the way from tanzania
Medusa Animation, 1 year ago
Hey, I'm a new listener on this radio station ...
Diana Sobrevilla, 1 year ago
Hi! I like this radio station, the music is diverse and I enjoy that.
Sheree Horn, 1 year ago
Love the station, my only problem is that you here one song about 3 times in 3 hours.
Nadz Berg, 1 year ago
Thank you Kenny, I love this station, it plays great music...Warm regards all the way from South Africa
Nicolas Maniez, 1 year ago
très bonne radio j’écoute en direct de la France.
ruth felixt, 1 year ago
Buenissima la escucho en mis horas libres.
Deborah Watchey, 1 year ago
Very nice! Love songs!!
Ильдар Юсупов, 1 year ago
Hello Американцы
Meryn O'Neil, 1 year ago
YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind
Elena Zajceva, 1 year ago
Very nice! Love songs!) <3
Kenny Mendez, 1 year ago
the songs are awesome!
Vc não tem idéia??, 1 year ago
I like. I love, ?????
Carydia Riyadi, 1 year ago
anonymous, 1 year ago
Can you guys please play “The Man” by Taylor Swift? I love that song!! And I love the top 40 channel I would appreciate it so much!!
Владислав Стражевич, 1 year ago
please, play 'say so remix' by doja cat and nicki minaj. thank you♡
Pawel Milczarek, 1 year ago
je super
SanMy Chen, 1 year ago
Very Nce
Сергей Найко, 1 year ago
Randy Alonso Benitez, 1 year ago
Claudia Patiino, 1 year ago
Intelligence playing Dynamite by BTS
Reséndiz Reséndiz Jocelyn, 1 year ago
would like to order Dynamite from Bts.
Susan Laura, 1 year ago
I love you all nice music
Felipe Carvalho, 1 year ago
Olá, sou brasileiro e ouço sua rádio todos os dias no meu trabalho, muito boa as músicas, gostei muito da rádio de vocês, parabéns pelo trabalho!