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80’s, 90’s and now

Jacaranda FM is the biggest independent radio station in South Africa. It broadcasts in a 24/7 mode in both English and Afrikaans. This is the most popular radio station among Afrikaans-speaking listeners and according to some sources its audience reaches approximately 2Mio people a week. Jacaranda FM radio station is owned by Kagiso Media (SA’s media company) and operates from its main studio in Midrand near Johannesburg. But it also has a secondary studio in Johannesburg.
Their slogan is “80’s, 90’s and now” and their daily programme includes:

- Music (hits from 80’s and 90’s as well as contemporary music)

- News

- Shows

It started broadcasting on January 1, 1986. Right from the start the name of the station was Jakaranda. With the time it was changed to Jacaranda 94.2 and finally to Jacaranda FM. Depending upon your geographic location in South Africa you can find this radio station on 93.9 - 97.1 MHz FM frequencies. Like the majority of SA’s radio stations they still have no app, but you can use live stream at our website and listen to Jacaranda FM online at any time.


Email: enquiries@jacarandafm.com
Telephone: +011 063 5700
Address: 89, 14th Road, Erands Gardens, Midrand Midrand, South Africa
Website: www.jacarandafm.com
Instagram: @jacarandafm
Facebook: @Jacaranda942
Twitter: @jacarandafm

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Genres: pop 80s 90s

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