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98.1 CHFI

98.1 CHFI

Adult Contemporary Pop and Rock music

98.1 CHFI - CHFI-FM is a broadcast radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing Adult Contemporary Pop and Rock music.

Information about the radio

CHFI-FM is a radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Rogers Media, it broadcasts an adult contemporary music format. CHFI's studios are located at the Rogers Building at Bloor and Jarvis at the northeastern corner of downtown Toronto, while its transmitter is located atop the CN Tower.

CHFI is currently the most listened to station in the Toronto market according to the Numeris ratings.[1] CHFI-FM is one of three AC stations in Toronto, along with CKDX-FM in York Region and CKLH-FM in Hamilton.


Email: CHFI.Generic@rci.rogers.com
Teléfono: +1 416-872-2434, +1 416-935-8298
Dirección: 1 Ted Rogers Way Toronto, ON M4Y 3B7 Canada
Sitio: www.chfi.com
Facebook: @981CHFI
Twitter: @981chfi

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Sarah Wu, hace 1 año
I was so happy to hear, "Every Year, Every Christmas" by Luther Vandross !! Really made my day :)
Jessie D, hace 11 meses
LOVE this radio station. My go to every holiday season!!!
Karen DeJong, hace 1 año
Thank you for the wonderful Christmas Music . Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to all !
Roya A.K, hace 11 meses
Thank you CHFI for your wonderful Christmas music. You have lift up the spirits of so many.
Ninjaguyca Canada, hace 11 meses
How about Next year, please hold off on the Christmas music till after Remembrance Day!
Lupe Cordova, hace 1 año
Thi is my Favour Station CHFI Thank you Lupe.
Kiarra MacAulay, hace 1 año
I love this radio station, it is so much better than all the other stations. this one plays the oldie hits instead the new music which is terrible! all 2020 songs are trash.
Nannette Cruz, hace 1 año
I have moved around Ontario in the last decade or so and no matter where I land, I listen to you guys! I love, love your station!
Oswaldo Escalante, hace 11 meses
This is a very cool radio station, good music and DJS 1
Johanness-Poul Haukkavaara, hace 11 meses
I loved listening to your radio station while living in TORONTO. Now living abroad for many years I ADORE listening to your station.
Teri Jeri, hace 11 meses
Like listening to your station and the on air personalities. Just wish you would not play Buble's "It's Beautiful Day' EVERY DAY! the song is over 7 years old and yet you play it EVERY DAY. I know cos I change the station whenever it comes on and I h...
fikhanmd, hace 1 año
I listened to your radio station when doing my high school homework. Now 57 I am still listening. Thank you for being my favourite radio station for a lifetime.
MARIA CUSTODIO, hace 11 meses
Love listening to all you - your all postive, vibrant, funny and cheerful - (my radio broke at work and had to replace it - I went into shock) question where is Darren - I haven't heard him on the radio for about 2 weeks - is he on vacation?
Jose Luis Cedillo Ortiz, hace 1 año
I was living in Toronto in the 90s, and I listened to CHFI almost daily even at work, I remember a lot of sunday bronch with the beatles. Today brings back many memories to be able to listen to this radio station. thanks for that. Today I find myself...
Tammy Mcknight-Irvine, hace 11 meses
So glad to hear Mike Cooper...you've been missed! Seems like old times. I go way back to when you and Christine were on another station together!
Grace Romero, hace 1 año
I listened to your radio since 1979, was very hard to listened after you and Erin left, I stayed away for a while, now, yesterday I said I try again and that familiar voice .....is so pleasant and familiar Cooper is you....so nice that they brought...
Sandra Mercer, hace 11 meses
Love listening to your radio station... keeping my ear open to have my name get called... good luck to me. Love the variety of music.
anonymous, hace 1 año
I like this radio all my time listening for getting something good and be able with when I have real friends who live with music, news, anything more about this
Susan Boodram, hace 1 año
I love listening to chfi
Beata Piotrowska, hace 1 año
CHFI is like home to me.
Julie Breese-Briggs, hace 11 meses
Thanks for doing the interview with Whiteyy18! I’m team whitey too! He is spreading positivity in the midst of all the darkness and sadness in our world! ❤️❤️
Anahid Ashraf, hace 11 meses
I only listen to this station In December bc of christmas music. My fav christmas song are Justin Bieber Mistletoe.
Babi Rajeev, hace 1 año
Love CHFI.
Zhonglong Zhao, hace 11 meses
awesome music, beautiful Toronto, BEST BGM
pauladimau life, hace 11 meses
Great station