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The next generation in JAZZ RADIO from Detroit to the WORLD! Featuring Nationally known artists, New artists, and local love from locally known as well.

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Géneros: jazz classic

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Evelyn Day-Hayle, hace 1 año
Love Pat Metheny Nice tribute DJ O-CEE
Santiago Hernandez, hace 1 año
Above Bull, hace 1 año
DJ T-Rex I like your mix but the host talk too much. Play the music man.
anonymous, hace 1 año
5 on Black hand side keep them coming!!!
Kepton Fletcher, hace 1 año
Keep jamming
Sheryl Smith, hace 1 año
This is real music to me. So smooth, and inspiring when working or relaxing. Glad to have the jazz back.
DjMellow Dowdell, hace 1 año
jeimmy useche, hace 1 año
I like this beat, it's very cool ?? DJ Aly
Franci Perez, hace 1 año
Gracias a WJZD Radio por el apoyo a nuevos artistas. DJ Aly excelente!
Cesar Molina, hace 1 año
Perfect music, i just need a bottle of Charles Tanqueray..GREAT mix ..with Jamiroquai ...well done Dj Aly...full energy
Ada Montoya, hace 1 año
WJZD Radio thank you, for your music y very good I like
Nury P, hace 1 año
This keep me awake. Thnx
Mark Wallace, hace 1 año
You guys rock!!!!
Jeff Nelson, hace 1 año
Foody is a master programmer. Pure legend. Keep it up.
Mommie Caldwell, hace 1 año
Real sound of the D. #BackInLoveAgain ??Musically Speaking ?? #Foody. Now if we just had the Rose Rosetta ? Hines on board ??❤️
Justrose Aroma, hace 1 año
We are with you in Las Vegas,we need it here especially on Sunday's. Thanks Foody. Aroma Justrose
W Coop, hace 1 año
They need to let Dj Waldo get some airtime daily!
kennyman57, hace 1 año
foody is the best old school dj on the planet sundays is the place to be inside foodys place every sunday from 7-12 midnight
Kelly Dionna James, hace 1 año
DJ Waldo is the absolute best! Great old school vibe!
La Tress Thomas, hace 1 año
Love it!!!! I
Cheryl Lockhart, hace 1 año
I've been crusing with Foody for years. You'll never hear old school music on the radio like foody play. I make sure I'm crusing with Foody every Sunday night. I tried picking up this station on my radio, but no luck, so I listen to it on my phone...
Walter Miller, hace 1 año
HEY I Finally Figured out how to Log on !!!
Nick Wilczynski, hace 1 año
Finally, medicine for those of us who sorely miss WJZZ and the Rosetta Hines era of WGPR! Nothing but greatness on the horizon for WJZD Detroit!!
Laurie Hope, hace 1 año
Im so happy that Foodys place is on line now we can we hear our old school music he can feel free to play what he chooses not what the Radio stations wants him to play
C. D, hace 1 año
Great DJ's playing Great Music
Theodore Phillips lll, hace 1 año
Kimberly Arnold, hace 1 año
Great music
Gwendolyn Bartholomew, hace 1 año
Food is the best RnB, old school, DJ I've ever listened to. I have to listen every Sunday night. He does his “quiet storm” and his Christmas music. Thought he was off the air. Thank God he made the pivot, change and still on the air. I love him.
Sonya Davenport, hace 1 año
I positively love listening to Foody’s Place on Sunday nights. He has a way of playing the songs that touch my soul.
Newoka Mackey, hace 1 año
It's my duty to listen to Foody... my sunday just wouldn't be the same without him. I wouldn't have it any other way.