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HardRadio.com - Hard Radio

Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Radio

The First and Best Worldwide Hard Rock Radio and Heavy Metal Radio Station and First .com Online Station, since 1995. If you knew Z-Rock you know HardRadio.

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Genre: hard rock metal

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Miras Shayakhmetov, il y a 1 an
very cool radio
Инна Диндорого, il y a 1 an
Beam Davis, il y a 1 an
This is where I find all my new music!
Vova Chrenov, il y a 1 an
super radio
Bob Gearin, il y a 1 an
Thanks. This station rocks!
Сергей Тарасов, il y a 1 an
Very good station!
Publi Laser, il y a 1 an
Very good music and station
Андрей Седых, il y a 1 an
Молодцы. Так держать! Hi from Donbass, Ukraine.
Elmer Linden, il y a 1 an
lots of love from Almere, the Netherlands. you are the best.
Revalaytor Music, il y a 1 an
Can you guys play "All It Takes"
Сергей Марчук, il y a 1 an
Виктор Мельник, il y a 1 an
HardRadio SuperRadio
Захарченко Валерий, il y a 1 an
Замечательная Радиостанция, Все Композиции Отличные как на Подбор!!!
Alex G, il y a 1 an
Cool station!
Yvon Malenfant, il y a 1 an
The rock n' station
Vladimir Radovanović, il y a 1 an
Danny Lara, il y a 1 an
buena radio!!!
Derek Jendza, il y a 1 an
François Cassagne, il y a 1 an
Alex Raily, il y a 1 an
great radio best in the world USA
Hans, il y a 1 an
HardRadio Rock on
Rafael Lopes, il y a 1 an
Please let me be on your cool radio too with my song called "Rolling Heart":
hatice dn, il y a 1 an
Eco Waale, il y a 1 an
Hi (from Holland)
Aleksandrs Runcis, il y a 1 an
Hi! (from Latvia)
Alain A, il y a 1 an
Hi From France
Wild Bill Lamere, il y a 1 an
i love this music ,please play alot of alice cooper,WASP,DOKKEN ECT//MORE LATER LOVE YOUR STATION ,YESS