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Trance-Energy Radio

Trance-Energy Radio

Feel the Trance Energy!

Broadcasting the best trance music around the world. Exclusive shows and live broadcasts from major trance events.

Through the power of the internet and the love for good music we bring you over 180 DJs to share the best trance music, build a community we call our online home.

We have been running for more than 8 years and are not a simple radio station, we are more like a home where we treat everyone as family. We think of the station as our house where everyone can express themselves as they like. We give spots to every DJ that has good potential or works hard on their sets. The basic rule is that the DJ is in control of their time and free to program their own content. For example, the DJ can host a guest mix, a special guest, a themed set and so on. We like to support every idea we can.

For people who are at the beginning of their DJ career, we provide assistance and help them get better. We try to support them by assigning a DJ from our team that has more experience to show them the tricks of the trade. We don’t just wait for sets, we care for our family and we try to keep a high level of quality in our music.

Our team does not have a specific location as a base, we are worldwide. From Italy, France, Canada, Germany, USA, Singapore, Australia and so on.

The majority of communities we reach are trance music communities but they are not the only ones. Music is connecting people from any country. By offering a radio that provides good music, we offer a connection between people across barriers and boundaries. We saw how people from different parts of the world are connecting, sharing ideas and in the end becoming friends and building a strong relationship. We provide a connection! It’s quite amazing when you see people from countries that are in conflict, discussing and sharing ideas. We can see this on our posts and in their comments or in our chat room. It’s something beautiful and we are proud of it.

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Telepon: +393891115939
Alamat: Via Dei Vitelli, 12, 00155, Rome, Italy
Instagram: @trance_energy_radio
Facebook: @TranceEnergyRadio
Twitter: @TranceEnergyORG

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Andrew, 2 tahun yang lalu
The Best trance radio station ever made!
petr klement, 2 tahun yang lalu
Marek Lisowski, 2 tahun yang lalu
ЕВГЕНИЙ ПАКАТАШКИН, 2 tahun yang lalu
Супер привет с Белоруссии:)
Роман Добрый, 2 tahun yang lalu
Nate KappeleMerchant, 2 tahun yang lalu
Only station I listen to period have for years now. Trance is my life source!!!

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