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KFUG Community Radio for Crescent City, Del Norte and Beyond! Local voices, local faces, local media!

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Telepon: +1 707-951-2562
Facebook: @kfugradio
Twitter: @kfugradio

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Curtis Cox, 3 tahun yang lalu
Absolutely the Best lil radio station in the Pacific Northwest ! ??KFUG CurtisC
Angela Gregory, 3 tahun yang lalu
So eclectic! Virtually always enjoyable to listen to. By far one of the best community radio stations I've heard in years. Keep up the great work!
Penny Sullivan, 3 tahun yang lalu
KFUG is one of the gems of Del Norte County! We are lucky to have such a fine local radio station.
Denise Doyle-Schnacker, 3 tahun yang lalu
The most diverse radio station I've listened to, online or on the radio, EVER. The talk shows, the liberals, the conservatives, the classical, the blues, the head-bnagin' rock... But my absolute favorite is Mike Thornton with "Full Logic Reverse".
Patrick Noon, 3 tahun yang lalu
KFUG is just fantastic radio, I like that Wayman kid.
Shannan Wolfe Rios, 3 tahun yang lalu
Rockin' out with Queen D, The Wolfman and Nick. Love this station!
Kyle Moodie, 3 tahun yang lalu
Rocking out with nipple nick,the wolfman and queen D
Denise Tate Aikin, 3 tahun yang lalu
Nightrider radio is the best!!
Penny Lynn, 3 tahun yang lalu
A gem of the north state. My only wish is that they'd post who and what they're playing like KHSU and other stations. An eclectic music station.
Mary Ottlinger, 3 tahun yang lalu
Working making poverty wages with a big corporation no medical insurance.
Penny Foster, 3 tahun yang lalu
One day I got in my car, a few days after my hubby had drove it, and to my surprise the radio station was on KFUG. Which in the past I hadn't been able to find it..needless to say it stays on my favorite station from then on. I love the diversity of...
Deborah Holloway, 3 tahun yang lalu
So cool. Thanks KFUG!
Sommer Livingstone, 3 tahun yang lalu
Love it. ❤️?
Rin Lennon, 3 tahun yang lalu
Thank you so much Mr Paul Critz for giving us a debut spin,
anonymous, 3 tahun yang lalu
Great show Mr. Wolfman, greetings from Chile ??
Neil Ridgley, 3 tahun yang lalu
These guys are great I’ve seen them live several times all great shows! Cut it like the kings best group to come out of the Pacific Northwest in a long time??
Taylor Farris, 3 tahun yang lalu
Liking the tribute to EVH man!!!

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