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Classic Rock Florida

Classic Rock Florida

Less Talk and More Rock

Classic Rock Florida with Classic Rock Hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s through today! Making Memories from Days of Future Gone By! The music of your life!

Classic Rock Florida is internet radio station with the Best Classic Rock Music from the 60s, 70s, & 80s with some deep tracks added in for fun. We program our station with Special Digital Sound Processing making Classic Rock Radio sound better than ever. Tune in and let the days of future gone by, bring back the memories of your life. 

Since 2014 we have been Broadcasting the Best Selections of Classic Rock Music from the 60s, 70s,& 80s. Less Talk and More Rock 24/7

Contatti della stazione radio

Telefono: 1800-940-4991
Fax: 954-590-3000
Indirizzo: PO BOX 936012 Margate, Florida 33093
Sito web:
Facebook: @ClassicRockFla

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Raul Betancourt, 1 anno fa
great music
marcelo amoretti, 1 anno fa
Great big ! I love 80's rock.
Alex Wimhöfer, 1 anno fa
Super Sender!! Mit dieser Mucke bin ich aufgewachsen,nun 65 aber immer noch nicht erwachsen!! Keep on Rockin..... Tom
Alfonso Pilato Lopez, 1 anno fa
Great clasical music
anonymous, 1 anno fa
Great sound
Вукмановић Василије, 1 anno fa
Конкретно, то је то...
Zlato Hatič, 1 anno fa
Finnaly! Real Rock Radio! No commercial Rock, no pop Rock, no s""""" quasi Rock. Just real Rock! Greetings from Slovenia, EU. Goldy.
Mad Max, 1 anno fa
Love this station, from ca.????yeaaah?✌
SkeligMichael, 1 anno fa
Four months ago a bought an Internet Radio. I was loking for good americans stations. And one Station was recommended again and again. Classic Rock Florida.
Perla Serna, 1 anno fa
muy buena música, los escucho desde Hermosillo, Sonora, México
David Allen, 1 anno fa
“Without music, life would be a mistake”, Friedrich Nietzsche
Stephen Fourie, 1 anno fa
It's a pity I can only rate five stars - would've loved to give Classic Rock Florida six stars! Excellent mix of the best classic rock on offer. From Cape Town in South Africa...
fatcontroller78, 1 anno fa
great selections, real classic rock :-)
Jack Griffith, 1 anno fa
Classic Rock Florida plays the best stuff, such a great wide selection of music! Almost makes me want to go live in Florida! Except for the bugs & hurricanes & Florida Man.... :-)
iwona brzyk, 1 anno fa
Wonderful rock music of my teenage years:) Classic Rock Florida with Classic Rock Hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s
Maurizio Dimaggio, 1 anno fa
The best rock classics ever it!!!
Sedda Philips, 1 anno fa
Classic Rock Lover here in The Philippines???
Rumen Rashkov, 1 anno fa
Rock'n'roll greetings from Bulgaria! I haven't listened to another radio since I first heard Classic Rock Florida. Stay committed to rock classics!
Mike Oleary, 1 anno fa
survivor eye of the tiger 1982 classic rock florida
Michael Krotz, 1 anno fa
Thanks for a great music selection. Tucson, AZ says hi!!!
Dedy Murtala, 1 anno fa
i love classic rock!
Léo Oliveira, 1 anno fa
Sensacional mesmo.Belas canções.Rock na veia.Brasil
Duane Koehn, 1 anno fa
My go to station, #1 YOU ROCK!!!
Wilebaldo Sanchez, 1 anno fa
la mejor estacion, sin cortes comerciales,
Jess Seron, 1 anno fa
Love your program. From the Philippines
Pavel Kokštein, 1 anno fa
I love classic rock! ? Paul Kokstein