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The Best Songs Ever Made!

The Best Songs Ever Made! Oldies radio station broadcasting across Canada, the US and beyond! 50s, 60s, 70s music radio station, motown, soul, rock 'n' roll, online radio

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Peter Syddall, 1 anno fa
great mix of oldies here in australia,keep it up..
Jones Tarentaal, 1 anno fa
I love older music it's to die for!
josé miguel freire rios, 1 anno fa
Hi, very nice music, congratulations best Regards from Chile
Luis Moy, 1 anno fa
buena musica para recordar
Pradnya Moghe, 1 anno fa
Lovely music. Regards from India.
Eduardo Coronado Javier, 1 anno fa
Que bella música de entonces, me trae recuerdos de mi juventud
Jim Hoogland, 1 anno fa
GREAT,greetings from The Hague Netherlands.
T-Paul T-Paul, 1 anno fa
Excellent music. Regards from Guatemala, C. A.
Tomasz Krzynowy, 1 anno fa
On background I see headphones SN-30 of legendary Polish electroacoustic stuff producer UNITRA !
Zoltán Steiner, 1 anno fa
very good thank you . HUNGARY
Franz-Josef Silberberg, 1 anno fa
Sehr gute Musik. Immer wieder gerne gehört hier in Deitschland
Naceur Radja, 1 anno fa
very thankful
Саша Цвигун, 1 anno fa
This nice radio. Thanks Ukraine
Lazaro Manuel Mesa, 1 anno fa
I'm from Cuba Great Radio Station and Amazing Music,Thanks.
Katherine Thomas, 1 anno fa
Great selection of music...greetings from Bridgetown, Barbados
Chad Stevens Roch, 1 anno fa
While I LOVE R&B oldies, you're promoting a MIX of oldies. So far...not hearing it. How bout some Stones, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkle...etc
Claudio Longo, 1 anno fa
Love it
Carlos Alkmin, 1 anno fa
I'm glad I found this radio. I love what I consider "timeless" music, not just oldies. I am eager to find a song that I used to listen to on the radio in 1974 or 75. Taking into account that I was a very young child, I have a very weak clue about the...
Rashane Meesri, 1 anno fa
I am very glad that I have found this online radio station. thanks for checking out very nice pieces of music even though some I don't know. Music is unviersal though. Take care and stay safe eveyone.
clinton razmpour, 1 anno fa
This is the best oldies station ever. Listening from Philadelphia PA!
Carlos Costa, 1 anno fa
Hi from Brazil. Congrats for the songs selection, too great!!! Don't forget to play CCR the best ever.
Gerhard Gösebrecht, 1 anno fa
Hi, i am from Germany. This is a Great Oldie Station, thanks and best wishes from Germany
Rixki fxvzi, 1 anno fa
ahlan wasahlan,ini sangat memantoell
Manju N, 1 anno fa
Thanks for a very nice musics
Jose Manuel Sandoval, 1 anno fa
Muy buena musica siempre los escucho saludos desde aguascalientes mexico
susifranzi64, 1 anno fa
Wahnsinn der Sender und Klasse Musik
jesus zapata, 1 anno fa
buenas tardes joe j zapata ginebra valle colombia
Ryszard Smaruń, 1 anno fa
It's a great station. Good oldies music that remind the past days; hence, makes me unstoppable listener
JJK, 1 anno fa
Suuuuper music - I feel lake young boy !!!
Bob Sloan, 1 anno fa
Ah man ! The classics do it for me every time. Happy 2021 from Mattawa, Canada. Bravo