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Vocalo 91.1 FM (CHI), 89.5 FM (NWI). Vocalo Radio is Chicago’s Urban Alternative. Our music mix features a variety of local and independent Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance & Indie Rock music.

Contatti della stazione radio

Email: info@vocalo.org
Telefono: +1 888-635-1112
Sito web: vocalo.org
Facebook: @vocalo
Twitter: @vocalo

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Antinisha Sturgent, 1 anno fa
I have just became your number one fan I was listening to 92.3 and my finger happened to press the button down and then it hit 91.1 FM I started listening and since then I can't stop I love your radio station
Ogbemi Amudoaghan, 1 anno fa
This is the best station in Chicago, period.
mir gaspari, 1 anno fa
Excelente!! Quiero escuchar Que Haces de Vita Set!!!
freckles Jones, 1 anno fa
I love the way you play different music instead of the same ten songs like 92.3 and Wgci .also giving up and coming artist a chance much love and respect.
Juanita Guerrero, 1 anno fa
JDLP add smooth and enjoy hearing him on 91.1
John Baker, 1 anno fa
Love it
Bud House, 1 anno fa
love this station
Peter Lopes, 1 anno fa
This station has it all. If you love hip-hop, RnB, indie rock check em out. They always throwing some sounds that are chill and vibing. Thanks for the sounds! I downloaded the app to hear y’all all the time.
Eric Cruz, 1 anno fa
Totally freekin great you play the song this morning right before 8:00 this morning and had to do with the artist singing to his son about he's always been there for him even though he's on the road I want that song I want to send it to my kid in col...
Evelyn Valdovinos, 1 anno fa
You guys played The Strokes and honestly just won me over. Never will I ever hear another station play One Way Trigger. Much love for that keep playing The Strokes!
Carlos A Silva, 1 anno fa
Very nice Jesse
Kae Moore, 1 anno fa
Frankie Knuckles Tribute!!!!
Carol Mercer, 1 anno fa
Lovin this mix by Djarchi!
Seeking Truth, 1 anno fa
Jesse DLP, thanks brother. Always fun tuning in and listening to your show. Great stuff and keep up it up.