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From the beginning, KVIP was never intended to be “entertainment,” although much of its programming is indeed entertaining. KVIP is a non-profit ministry, dedicated exclusively to a specific purpose: ministry to the people of the body of Christ, as an “arm” of the church, and a tool of evangelism to those who are searching and open to the saving message of the Gospel.


Email: info@kvip.org
Telefon: +1 (530) 222-4455, +1 (800) 877-5847
Faks: +1 530-222-4484
Adres: 1139 Hartnell Ave. Redding, CA 96002
Strona: kvip.org
Facebook: @KVIPradio

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Gatunki: christian

Dziękuję Ci. Twoja recenzja została wysłana i zostanie opublikowana po weryfikacji.


Ron McGraw, 1 rok temu
In the mornings with Lou Hecker is the BEST!