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08:58 Shawn Colvin - Ricochet In Time
08:54 Mark Nicholson - Take You Home
08:50 Shanti - Out of Nowhere
08:40 Jim White - Alabama Chrome
08:34 Chris Robinson And The Brotherhood - Stars Fell On California
08:28 Tighter Tighter - Alive And Kicking
08:26 ret - TESTIMONIAL 30 012022
08:20 The Kaleidoscope - Beacon From Mars
08:14 Joni Mitchell - The Jungle Line
08:12 Andy Armstrong - Over And Over
08:08 Eddie Ray Arnold - Beautiful Day
08:04 Kenny Rogers - Lucille

Laurel Canyon Radio is an Internet Radio station broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, United States, providing classic rock, folk, indie pop, Americana, blues, roots, country and other subgenres of the adult album alternative Music. They play the music of the Laurel Canyon era and the artists carrying that tradition forward.

“Laurel Canyon Radio” is a 24/7 free-form Internet radio station focused on celebrating the harmony –rich, singer-songwriter Southern California sound first made famous in the late 1960s and early 1970’s and the current crop of emerging musicians carrying that sound forward today. Focusing on both the past and present output of musicians from that seminal era and mixing in current artists, the majority of music aired will create a distinct and recognizable commingling of classic rock, folk, indie pop, Americana, blues, roots, country and other subgenres of the adult album alternative format. Our music is hand selected by a group of passionate music enthusiasts with an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music. The station will also place a heavy emphasis on independent and emerging musicians who mine different sounds within the genre and will keep tabs on artists performing upcoming dates in Los Angeles. Artists from then and now may also occasionally appear as guests, either performing, being interviewed or creating live on-air DJ segments.


Instagram: @LaurelCanyonRadio
Twitter: @LaurelCanyonra

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Dave Postal, 1 rok temu
Great station with a mix of everything!
MrAsimov511, 1 rok temu
I really like that music, greetings from germany:-)
Jean Symons, 1 rok temu
Listening in Shropshire England. Great mix of music, enjoying Laurel Canyon very much.
Александр Сапрыкин, 1 rok temu
Cool radio!
Varaloba One, 1 rok temu
Great selection of music, greetings from Finland
Andreas Neils, 1 rok temu
I´m listening from ex-GDR, very good Station!
Kevin Rogers, 1 rok temu
Absolutely love this music station. My favourite. Even better than WUMB.
Jeremy Fisher Tirado, 1 rok temu
Just discovered LC radio and it's absolutely fantastic.Listening from UK.
Bruce Carmine, 1 rok temu
Love this music. It takes me back to the good times. Listening from Delaware.