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Listen to Eve Morgan, Mackenzie Miller, and broadcasts such as American Top 20, among others.

Information about the radio

CFGX-FM is a Canadian radio station, which broadcasts at 99.9 FM in Sarnia, Ontario. The station broadcasts a current/recurrent-based adult contemporary format with the brand name The Fox. As with many mainstream ACs in Canada, CFGX has a "hotter" and "brighter" sound than American stations with the same format, thus positioning it in-between U.S.-based competitors WGRT and adult top 40 station WBTI.


Email: Main
Telefone: +1 519-464-1999
Endereço: 1415 London Road Sarnia, Ontario N7A 1P9
Facebook: @foxfmsarnia
Twitter: @foxfmsarnia
Office: +1 519-542-5500

Newsroom: +1 519-541-6397

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Géneros: pop top40

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Dwayne Parsons, há 1 ano
Great, keeping up with local information and good tunes.
Ferdie Jansen, há 11 meses
Listen in all the way from South Africa. Love the music. Keep up the good job eh.
Julie Mason, há 1 ano
Do you think you could stop talking about covid for 10 minutes!! My god its all I hear! Turning the station because of this. We already know things are different. How many times are you going to tell us!!