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We are not committed to any group or political party . Radio Shemroon is all about comedy, human rights, music, arts, culture and of course we will talk about our point of views in whatever happening around the world.


Telefone: +1 613-912-7846
Endereço: PO BOX 31344 Bayviev Ave PO Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0V7 CANADA
Instagram: @radio_shemroon
Facebook: @artinshemroon


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Géneros: pop talk comedy

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Jasmen Avedian, há 1 ano
Very funny! We love listening to this radio on the way home every night.
Cyrus Sasanian, há 1 ano
Radio Shemroon is one of the best radio all around the world which it is side by side of Iranian people any where any time.
Payam Bagheri, há 11 meses
This is the best Persian radio ! i LOVE IT . i CAN NOT STOP listening to it. Thank you Artin , you are the best. I am listening to this radio 24 hours a day non stop.
Manijeh Gooneh, há 1 ano
Radio Shemroon is the best and first Persian.Thank you Artin , you are the best.Very funny!