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KPRS is an Urban contemporary radio station that broadcasts on the 103.3 MHz frequency licensed to Kansas City.

Контакты радиостанции

Телефон: (816) 576-7103
Факс: (816) 761-1495
Адрес: 11131 Colorado Avenue Kansas City, MO 64137
Instagram: @hot103jamz
Facebook: @kprshot103jamz
Twitter: @hot103jamz
Office: (816) 763-2040


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Жанры: soul jazz r'n'b hip-hop

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Courtney Smutz, 1 год назад
Please play No Limit more often :)
LA'RAYE JONES, 1 год назад
please mo bamba
Leslie Alley, 1 год назад
I really love your radio station
Julita Hale, 1 год назад
Play money by cardi b
stardust wehmeyer, 1 год назад
You are are awesome thank you for all the positivity you bring to our community :)
Kaleah Canaday, 1 год назад
Stacey Nutz, 1 год назад
Please play Wobble up by Chris Brown Feat. Nicki Minaj, and G-Eazy!
marisa’ villegas, 1 год назад
I love this station but maybe you should play Lauren Jauregui
Serenity Phillips, 1 год назад
y'all need to play envy me by callboy again likeee that's such a good song.
Carrie Jeffries, 1 год назад
ya'll need to play no guidance by Chris brown and Drake
Antoinette Phillips, 1 год назад
PLEASE play more of S9's song "Hulk Hogan" you guys played it a few days ago! This song is being played in all of the clubs in Kansas City! This should be in constant rotation! You guys are the #1 radio station in the Midwest! I listen to you guys al...
La'Marion Weldon, 1 год назад
play no mess meyokia