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Razor 94.7

Razor 94.7

Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Hardcore Music

99.7 Classic Rock

99.7 Classic Rock

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Alternative Music

A less intense version of rock and a more intense version of pop. Typically strays from the generic lyrics of pop. Lots of sub-categories, but the main two are alternative rock and alternative pop. Pretty much anything that doesn't fall into the distinct categories like rock, pop, jazz, classical, etc.

It also includes a lot of musical techniques found in other genres. Not very limited creatively.

Alternative music was a phrase invented in early 80s describing bands which broke from the barrage of pop and hair metal and formed a new direction of more focused and honest rock. It includes many subcategories including but not limited to; Grunge, Hard Rock, Rock, Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock, Gothic Rock, Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, New Wave. Their only real connection in terms of roots is the English punk movement. In the early eighties alternative music was limited to a few college radio stations. In the mid 80s as it became more popular It began to take over college radio throughout the country. In the late 80s commercial stations slowly began to embrace what up till then had been known as college rock. They never sold many albums but the influence on the music community would be felt in a big way soon when the format evolved to the next stage.

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