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Curtin Radio

A Lifetime of Music

Зараз в ефірі Curtin Radio:

23:30 Cliff Richard - Constantly
23:16 Dusty Springfield - Stay A While
23:14 David & Jonathan - Lovers Of The World Unite
23:02 Twilights - What's Wrong With The Way I Live
22:58 Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers (1964) INSTRUMENTAL
22:56 Fifth Dimension - Flashback

A Lifetime of Music.
Curtin Radio is a radio station based in Perth, Western Australia.
Curtin Radio is 100.1FM, CurtinDigital and on the web.

Covering the Perth metro market and streaming around the world on the Internet, Curtin Radio appeals to youthful nostalgia seekers, affluent baby boomers and active retirees, with a vibrant mix of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80's rock and pop.

Curtin Radio has a strong involvement with the community and participates in open days, movie screenings, country music events, community spots, outside broadcasts and fundraisers.

At 100.1FM and CurtinDigital we give listeners “A Lifetime Of Music.”

Контакти радіостанції

Телефон: +61 8 9266 2121
Facebook: @CurtinRadio

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Жанри: 70s 60s 50s 80s oldies

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George Keen, 7 місяців тому
Just love the music and the presenters. I give the Station a 5 Star rating. THANK YOU.
Ngaire Rudolph, 6 місяців тому
Cover's every era of amazing music!! Absolutely love this station! Yes Thank you.
Jill Holsen, 7 місяців тому
Just want to let you know that we were listening to your songs and so reminded us when we were traveling in the USA about a year ago. My friend Jill is American and she’s “ struck” here in Australia, hoping to go home in the next few weeks. Loved it...
mad ness, 7 місяців тому
Curtain Radio news is a disgraceful act of Government propergander.
Andrew Beare, 6 місяців тому
The best radio station i have listened to in the west..all the greatest music ever produced keep it alive .thank you,, at present in Rockingham,,.from the salty sailor Andrew..
Richard Anthony Whitten, 7 місяців тому
Hi l have been listening to your station from Newcastle NSW thru onlineradiobox l really like what l hear My local is Newey FM 87.8 check it out also have a look at the Newcastle beach web cam. Cheers
Jos Coudyser, 7 місяців тому
Yes here in Flanders fields with good music'CURTIN radio and a good famisch beer cheers
Marie Gulati, 7 місяців тому
Love it .... from Melbourne
David Goodall, 6 місяців тому
Hi David in Geraldton Always listen to Curtin Could I say a big hello to any people who were in the class of 1-9 at Mt Lawley senior high in 1968 Cheers ans a Merry Xmas to all David