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Broadcasting 24/7 to The English Lake District and beyond, from the shores of Lake Windermere. Adult Contemporary Music Station with Local News / Info / Weather and Sport. Music for the over 40 age group during the daytimes, with specialist genre programmes during the evening.

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Телефон: 07773035842
Адреса: YMCA (North), Lakeside, Newby Bridge, Ulverston, LA12 8BD

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Joan Mcgilben, 1 рік тому
Rock on Duncan.
Charles Simmonds, 1 рік тому
Play Tracey something!!!!!!
Hollie Szabo-Sharp, 1 рік тому
Charlie and Julianna loving the music Duncan
james Evans, 1 рік тому
Great station ,Noel,knowledgeable and great selection of music.
Annemarie Martin, 1 рік тому
Great Show Noel!!.... loving your playlist!
we r da dobe crew, 1 рік тому
Rock on Duncan bro! One complaint: please turn your transmitters up a notch, SO WE CAN LISTEN LOUDER!!
Edward Judge, 1 рік тому
Long time since I heard Neil young on radio nice one noel
Duncan Smith, 1 рік тому
Classic tunes this afternoon!
Bee Smith, 1 рік тому
Lovin Duncans Music
Jean Kennedy, 1 рік тому
Whats on 7pm please
Paul Taylor, 1 рік тому
Eclectic mix and great presenters! Superb support for local bands like Def Robot
Janet Clegg, 1 рік тому
Love these tunes ! Wondered if you could play Christmas has changed please by Sam and Roseanne Clegg.X
Dave Wood, 1 рік тому
Really enjoying the Monday morning madness,with big al k,dj on the radio.the show should be broadcast for longer than 9am-noon.absolute entertainment at its best...!