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Planet Rock is a UK-based national digital radio station and magazine for classic rock fans. DJs including Alice Cooper, Joe Elliott, The Hairy Bikers & Danny Bowes provide a mix of classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and access to rock aristocracy through live interviews and on-air features.

Information about the radio

Planet Rock is a British digital radio station owned by Bauer Radio. It started broadcasting in 1999 focusing exclusively on classic rock fans. In addition to a time-honored classic rock music like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin etc. they broadcast interviews with rock legends from all over the world. The slogan of this radio is “Where Rock Lives” and they justify it with every song they play. Planet Rock started broadcasting in 1999 and won many awards including UK Digital Station of the Year, Sony Radio Academy Gold Award, Xtrax British Radio Awards since then. But the more important is that they are popular and well-listened by classic rock fans. Since Planet Rock is a digital radio station it is available neither on AM nor FM frequencies. You can find it on Sky, Virgin Media, Digital One and Freesat.

One of the remarkable features of Planet Rock radio station is that such rock legends as Alice Cooper, Joe Elliot, Ian Anderson, Tony Iommi, Gary Moore and many more were presenters at this radio. Check live stream of this radio station at this page of our website and listen to Planet Rock online. Or download and install our free app to your Android or iOs device and enjoy it there.

Listen on DAB digital radio across the UK, Sky Channel 0110, Virgin Cable Channel 924, Freesat Channel 730 or through our free mobile apps. Planet Rock Magazine is available on all good newsstands now!

Контакти радіостанції

Телефон: +44 0333 20 25 800
Адреса: One Golden Square, London W1F 9DJ United Kingdom
Instagram: @planetrockradio
You can call our reception on: 0207 434 1215

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Ramon Beatima, 1 рік тому
Easy listening pleasure
Sergey Islyamov, 1 рік тому
Very beautiful radio. Thank you.
Manfred Salm, 1 рік тому
Klasse Rock Radio
Shawn Fox Firth, 1 рік тому
Great Music ...Hello from Toronto Ontario Canada .
Marek Kirschner, 1 рік тому
Awesome Great
Tom Andrews, 1 рік тому
thanks good music
Graeme Broderick, 1 рік тому
Real rock music without the throaty screeching of some heavy metal bands.
Gabriel Lopez Anaya, 1 рік тому
Nadine Vansant, 1 рік тому
Best rock radio ever
Paulo Pires, 1 рік тому
Benya Krik, 1 рік тому
Good radio.
THIAGO MIRANDA, 1 рік тому
Jeff Ross, 1 рік тому
You Rock!