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45 Radio plays the more uptempo side of the 60’s,70’s,80’s & 90’s. The home of good times and great music Our music is carefully researched by our years of experience out and about talking to YOU! Often wondered ‘Where All The Good Songs Have Gone’ ? Tired of the same 3-400 songs rotated to simply keep a few advertising agencies happy? 45 Radio is a feel good listen with No Ads, No DJ interruptions for most of the working week. A complete uplifting sound made for our generation. If you share our enthusiasm and like what’s on offer like our Social media pages.

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Телефон: +44 7841 197874
Instagram: @my45radio

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Жанри: soul 70s 60s 80s disco

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Herbert Shagnasty, 1 рік тому
I rather like the uninterrupted music, however of late their is some repetition of tracks over a short period. I hope this is not a sign of things to come because if so I will be gone this is what jars listeners off from other stations.
Brian Tipping, 1 рік тому
Great Classics guys, no interruptions and loads of music,takes you back to my youth with tunes you never hear a lot, iv'e got them all to old Dj that kept all his records.
Paul Yeoman, 1 рік тому
New Listener on Internet Radio in Scarborough North Yorkshire - So glad I found this station! Wonderful Sounds that both my wife and I love - Thank You!
Harry Kappos, 1 рік тому
proper radio, well done!!!! keep the vibes