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The uk's Trancetechnic is a free, not-For-profit, 24.7/Live 'commercial free' internet radio station and webcam streaming station playing the best trance from the past and present.

Information about the radio

Our dedication is the sound of trance music only!.

Catch live dj's every friday and saturday evenings from 7pm UK time.

Currently using Wowza streaming which enables the webcam stream to be played on your iphone, ipad and blackberry phone.

Our shoutcast playlist (24.7 Auto dj stream) is constantly updated so their is new mix's all the time. See the playlist.

Why is the station staion called 'TranceTechnic.' Quite simple!. The passion for 'trance music' and the 'technics turntable!.'

So, If you like trance music then this your station.

Please tell your good friends and relatives about your new trance station. Thank you for visiting!. And, thanks for listening and watching the live mix!.­

Контакти радіостанції

Телефон: +44 (0)738 336 2401
Facebook: @Trancetechnic
Twitter: @trancetechnic

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SkekMal, 1 рік тому
oldmanofphotoshop, 1 рік тому
Clearly the most awesome and uplifting radio station of em all 5*****
Anton Kuczirka, 1 рік тому
Lee Gibbons, 1 рік тому
This station is never off is my house!!!!!
iulius meinl, 1 рік тому
The best
Silvarillion, 1 рік тому
UTC-3 here, so every weekend, tea time and night ahead.
David Porter, 1 рік тому
Hello from Dublin great Trance station a perfect state of Trance