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CBC Radio One - CBLA-FM is a broadcast radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing Public Broadcasting News, Information and Entertainment as the flagship radio station of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Information about the radio

As Canada’s national public broadcaster, CBC Radio aims to provide a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens and entertains Canadians. Our programming is predominantly and distinctively Canadian, reflects all regions of the country and actively contributes to the exchange of cultural expression.


Telephone: +1 866-306-4636
Address: P.O. Box 500, Station A Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6 Canada
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cbcradio/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCtv
+1 866-220-6045

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Bob Mclaughlin, 8 months ago
CBC is my choice for the entire day. But I cannot be the only one to complain about background music playing OVER the commentary during a news item. For instance, this am on the Amanda Duncan segment, the report on ways to shop wisely during COVID-19...
Emilly Araújo, 9 months ago
the CBC News is my favorite.
Eda Demir, 9 months ago
I have been listening to Cbc radio since the lockdown started.Cbc is my favorite.
Adelaide Campbell, 9 months ago
It’s a question ... the music Matt Galloway played at the end of his show, 11.55 Thursday May 14. Toronto.
Bruce Holub, 8 months ago
‘Oldies Songs’ to Inspire Togetherness During the COVID Crisis and the Racism Challenge at this Time
Vicente I. Palumbo Domínguez, 9 months ago
One of the World´s best... Congratulations!
Leonard Dolha, 9 months ago
Honest pure Canadian product. Thanks to the producers and all the people who produce Canadiana. Keeps me informed of what is happening in our country and changes in our culture.
M Mck, 9 months ago
Thank goodness for this I was attempting to listen to cbc listen live on my tablet and was getting lots of commercials, grr. This is so much better just like my old radio.
Douglas Rollo, 8 months ago
Excellent entertainment. Very topical, fast paced, insightful. No Commercials! Great music.
Beverley Ballett, 9 months ago
since callile kennedy show featured Trumps lies today I wondered if her show tomorrow will have bidens lied, which are many, many. he even lied about his law school and had to drop out of a prior presidential race because he plagerized. let me know s...
Xavier Gordon, 9 months ago
This election was rigged. Trump won the election properly, and he would still be president if all the illegal votes were not counted. Biden isn't even a legal American citizen, and if he was, he wouldn't be scared to release his birth certificate. By...
Glenn Piroe, 9 months ago
Thank you
Carrie Chenier, 8 months ago
Can we please stop with all the mental issues shows, there is absolutely nothing positive about this COVID coverage. Enough already, keep it light. .
davey dudely, 9 months ago
I am grateful there are no interrupting audio ads. Apologies for having nothing crazy or politically idiotic to say.
Amer Sattar, 8 months ago
Unnecessary hype and coverage was done by cbc to inauguration of new US president . Hosts are eager to give emotional touch to friendship of US and Canada while the reality is that US has never reciprocated to our friendship. Starting from Obama, who...
Cornelia LAVEN, 9 months ago
I listen to international radio and C.B.C. The best of these programs often have intelligent and personable hosts who come across as individuals. Michael Enright and Ben Hefner are examples of radio hosts who remain appealing over time. Program co...
Alicia Ritmundi, 8 months ago
Just heard the interview this morning highlighting the Nia Centre focusing on the writing workshop facilitator Keyosha and her brilliant student, Leila Rose. What an exceptional young woman. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the expressive...
Lon Haber, 9 months ago
This morning's show was so special and gave me so much energy and a sense of community, passion for the arts and expression and so much more. The Black History Month segment with the poet, Leila Rose and her teacher moved us to tears, smile and laugh...
KEVIN SCHOFIELD, 9 months ago
i love cbc radio one
Franco Urbina, 9 months ago
I am in Santiago, Chile and enjoy the beauty of radio through my computer and celular phone.
Anahid Ashraf, 9 months ago
That reminds me of COVID-19! Stay home guys!
carlos ortiz, 9 months ago
Deborah MacCormac, 8 months ago
May 2, 2021 - Fantastic interviews and shows this morning ( and most mornings) on CBC Radio 1. So glad to be able to hear such wonderful, insightful and innovative perspectives, today especially. Thank you Pia!!! You are fabulous!!
Mohammad khalil, 9 months ago
Cristian B, 9 months ago
The positive: great shows like Quirks & Quarks, Spark, The Debaters or Under the influence. Good music podcasts: Marvin's Room and many others.
john smallwood, 8 months ago
A mainstay in my daily listening, but I can't understand why Pia C. was chosen to replace Michael Enright. She's fine on lighter programming, but doesn't have the weight needed for Sunday Morning. A better choice would have been Nahla Ayed who is bri...
gonzo morales, 9 months ago
escuchándoles hoy desde Pereira, super poder enterarse de notas de todo el mundo rápidamente y en una sola estación, que bien!