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Newstalk 1010 - CFRB is a broadcast radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing News and Talk programs.

Information about the radio

CFRB is an AM radio clear-channel station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, broadcasting a news/talk at 1010 kHz, with a shortwave radio simulcast on CFRX at 6.07 MHz on the 49m band. CFRB's studios are located in the Entertainment District at 250 Richmond Street West, a building which is adjacent to 299 Queen Street West, while its 4-tower transmitter array is located in the Clarkson neighbourhood of Mississauga.


Telephone: +1 416-384-8000, on-air: +1 416-872-1010, +1 877-518-5151
Address: 250 Richmond Street West, Third Floor, M5V 1W4, Toronto, ON

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Genres: news talk

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Jean Krasowski, 9 months ago
Love the station with its large variety of talk shows, however please stop with the comedy show. I listen to your station strictly for talk radio.;if I want to listen to comedy I would tune in to another station .
Dean Gough, 9 months ago
Morning coverage is great, great commentary...then at 2:00pm turns into garbage and I'm forced to change the station. The "Rush" should be rushed off the air!
Pete Wal, 9 months ago
Other than Agar, the rest buy into john tory,s propaganda. and promote it. their ideas and attitude are whats wrong with toronto and why it is going downhill fast. i wish Agar would run for mayor but i fear he is too honest for the job.
Nick, 9 months ago
Well I agree with Don, Pete, and Rocco. I enjoy listening to Jerry and Barb. Other than that, forget it - In between those times, forget it. I'm off to 640.
Mike Shapman, 9 months ago
Evan Solomon, John Moore and Barb D go a long way to making this a great station. Jerry's head is swelled. Richards is fun and funny. I agree that comments that the rush is too flaky but for someone to say "President Trump, with the highest approv...
Jim Pocock, 8 months ago
Other than Jerry Agar the station has gone way to far to the left for me.
Alan Penner, 8 months ago
great show. one of my favourite stations.
DBATFG'S, 9 months ago
My 85 year old mum looks forward to Barb daily! Blind, it fills her life!
Danny Moniz, 9 months ago
I do listen sometimes but now more because of civic 19. I always liked listing. Good info about stuff.
Eve Aguilar, 8 months ago
Daniel den Hartog, 9 months ago
Been listening for years. Yes there are a lot of ads, but how else do you want a radio station to make money? Presenters have their own views and they vocalise them, but you are allowed to phone in and debate on them. Entertaining station.
Mike Osborne, 9 months ago
would like coast to coast on a earlier time best thing on this station was a great station back in the day
Mirek Turecek, 9 months ago
The best station in Ontario. Have been listening since 1985
Henry Hathaway, 9 months ago
Like all of the shows except the moron in the morning
Anahid Ashraf, 9 months ago
I will hear about covid!
John Willemsen, 8 months ago
I stopped listening to cfrb years ago. I will however tune in from time to time. Quickly dialing out when I've heard enough of the commercials. Talk radio fills a large portion of my day. From Sirius radio to the CBC, I've heard them all. I enjoy...