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CHOM-FM is an English language radio station located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Owned and operated by Bell Media, it broadcasts on 97.7 MHz from the Mount Royal candelabra tower, with an effective radiated power of 41,200 watts (class C1) using an omnidirectional antenna, while its studios are located at the Bell Media Building at 1717 Rene-Levesque Boulevard East in Montreal.

Information about the radio

The station has a mainstream rock format since the station started using the brand name CHOM, and is sometimes pronounced /ˈʃoʊm/ shoam as if it were a French word, but other Bell Media Radio personalities have also pronounced it as /ˈtʃɒm/ chom.


Telephone: +1 514-529-3200
Address: 1717 Blvd. René-Lévesque E., H2L 4T9, Montréal, QC

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Benoit Chalin, 9 months ago
Rodolph Zielonka, 9 months ago
was is and will ever be best.......
Ted Roy, 9 months ago
to all staff, you guys still rule the wavwes
James Beachler, 9 months ago
I loved CHOM back when I was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB and then again when going to college and living in Northern Vermont. I miss it everytime I hear Ennio Morricone's "I Figli Morti" which they would sometimes play portions of as a station iden...
Patrice Brideau, 9 months ago
I listen to Chom-fm for so many years
Gabriel Poulin, 9 months ago
yes the best
Frank Cummings, 8 months ago
Mark Pawnman Bradac Were preparing to tour Canada in the summer of 2019 Bonnie! We are all in the gym preparing now! LoL..TEAZE
Steeve Perron, 8 months ago
Guns n roses and pink Floyd very good , thank for this music good night Alice Cooper ?sorry m’y english is mot perfect
Eric Cianciulli, 9 months ago
Since my early life CHOM as always been there....I'm one year and one week older then this station. Yes 51 this October
Marc Grand'Maison, 9 months ago
the best in Quebec Province Period! I Wrote to find out if we could listen to CHOM in our car in Quebec City and unless I have Internet in the car I can't... =( =(
Bill Curry, 9 months ago
Denis Beaulieu, 9 months ago
part of my life
bob nadeau, 9 months ago
goudd musike
Delphine Ross, 9 months ago
CHOM is so awesome,Loving It♡
Nab Operateur, 8 months ago
The Best !!!
Sonny Lesbadins, 9 months ago
I wish Randy Renault would keep his stupid anti-Trump comments to himself..saying that he was proud of Kamala Harris having lived and gone to school in Montreal..does not excuse her record of corruption and wrongful convictions in California..also I...
jacques fortin, 9 months ago
meilleur poste rock aux canada
Andrew Devenne, 9 months ago
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to listen to such great musical selections, get so many wonderful anecdotes about the history and development of rock & roll, hear so many familiar (and some new) voices and feel like I'm still in-touch...
Echo Blass, 9 months ago
Excellent music, excellent hosts, I'll surely miss Terry! Best Montreal radio.
Patrice Paillé, 9 months ago
As a Frenchy..;)..let's Say Thanks to Terry that made me switch to CHOM....His sense of humor, his knowledge of rock music and his few french comments will be miss! My morning drive will never be the same...
Suzanne Bronsard, 9 months ago
The best music in the world, never stop.