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Classic Rock 109

Classic Rock 109

Real Music, Real Classic Rock!

Classic Rock 109 is a broadcast radio station providing great songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. We're sure you'll enjoy the great songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. We'll even throw in some 90's for good measure. You'll hear the great classic rock hits, and we'll even do some deep diving into the vinyl.


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Genres: classic rock rock

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Gerhard Fischer, 2 years ago
wenn es für ClassicRock 10 Sterne gäbe, bekämen sie von mir die auch noch. SUPER! WEITER SO!
Dave Sernick, 2 years ago
2 thumbs up....:)
Franz-Josef Silberberg, 2 years ago
Wird immer wieder gerne gehört. Den ganzen Tag gute Musik hören hier in Deutschland .Macht bitte weiter so.
Bob Sloan, 2 years ago
Canada had a lot of good musicians and bands.
Charles Schreiner, 2 years ago
Cool Thanks
Ron Fairfield, 2 years ago
love the variety.....and most songs are awesome ....there are a few that have pure country ...shit ...and a few that nobody really has classified , all in all ...your super groovy cool ...two thumbs up .....eddie and the cruiser, donavan ...roxy musi...
Roman Kohse, 2 years ago
Remembers me of the Years that i lived in Charlotte NC in the 80 and 90th. go on like this, Roman from Germany
Altmer Coins, 2 years ago
Very Good!!!
tim spencer, 2 years ago
Excellent music selection. Listening from Mexico
Zero Cool, 2 years ago
I have been listening to this station for 4 years now.And it's never the same band in a row like you get with radio stations.Radio stations have gotten so stale or boring due to the fact they play the same stuff over and over and with far too many co...
Elizabeth Miller, 2 years ago
Fast becoming a great favourite radio station - love all the PRiSM tunes and the fact that you don't just play the same two or three over and over and over again like other classic rock stations. Variety is the spice of life, after all. And, with PRi...
Isabelle Gagnon, 2 years ago
Just terrific. Andre, from province of Quebec.
Karl Friedreich, 2 years ago
Just great listening to it in Austria, Europe! Always a highlight enjoying epic songs of Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones and John Mellencamp! PS: please play songs of actor and rock 'n roller Little Steven (Steven Van Zandt) sometimes!
Alexis Ramos, 2 years ago
John Chadwick, 2 years ago
Very good station keep it going PERFECT.......
John Stokes, 2 years ago
Truly exemplary an excellent radio station, listening from Shropshire, England.
f d, 2 years ago
Excellent station listening from Ontario Canada
Gerhard Fischer, 2 years ago
This is a Radio-Station that plays truly Rock Around The Clock
Yorekhua GóMiz, 2 years ago
Classic Rock Lives On right here!
Karel Kruger, 2 years ago
Enjoy the radio...all the way here in South Africa!
Tabata TV samsung, 2 years ago
Duane Koehn, 2 years ago
Great staton, making a few of us at this nurseing home wish we still had it in us to party like we did yesteryear. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Your playlist is the best and YOU ROCK!!!
Lazaro J Suarez, 2 years ago
Lovely Radio Station. I enjoy listening to the rock music from the 80' down here in Miami FL USA
Reg Williams, 2 years ago
Nice mix of songs that we rarely hear on radio in the UK. Keep it real
Evo Dubov, 2 years ago
Enjoy the radio
Tirza Tieppo, 2 years ago
vanderlei klein, 2 years ago
Dobrin Doru, 2 years ago
Amazing radio. !!!

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