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LBC 97.3 FM is a national talk radio with headquarters in London. Do not confuse this radio station with its sister station LBC London News which has more focus on news and weather. Both stations are owned by Global Radio (a large British media company which owns several radio networks and a number of radio stations across the UK).

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Listen to LBC 97.3 FM online with our live stream of this radio station. Or download our free app to listen to this radio and to many other radio stations from all over the world on your tablet or smartphone. And if you are interested to learn more about LBC 97.3 FM itself, you can check some facts about this radio station below.

LBC was established in 1973 and it changed its owners more than four times. But it always kept to its initial talk format. LBC initially stood for “London’s Biggest Conversation”. But at the moment their slogan is “Leading Britain’s Conversation”. They provide podcasts to their major shows and they claim to be the first radio station in the world to do this. Most of the podcasts are available on a paid basis but some of the podcasts are available for free download.

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Telephone: 0345 60 60 973
Address: 30 Leicester Square London WC2H 7LA
Instagram: @LBC
Facebook: @LBC
Twitter: @LBC

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Genres: news talk

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Harichand Deharia, 1 year ago
Best news channel. I like very much.
Piotr Wronka, 1 year ago
Good news, intersting talks, simply great !!!
jim thom, 1 year ago
Steve Porter, 1 year ago
All good except between 10am and 4pm
Ade Young, 1 year ago
Iain Dale and Andrew Pierce are very good....Talkradio in the morning for me.
John Shirley, 1 year ago
Used to be much better when the presenters offered a counter-argument to callers, rather than give their own irrelevant opinions.
Lucie Walker, 1 year ago
We discovered LBC about 1 year ago. Could no longer stand the Today program on Radio 4 after years of listening. Nick Ferrari is our favourite, he is informed, funny, polite but firm when contributors go off rail. HE IS THE BEST! as are all the o...
Ponnuthurai Arudsothy, 1 year ago
One of my favourite radio station.
Andy Castle, 1 year ago
very good station, great presenters, except James O'Brien
Alex Orlov, 1 year ago
Hi. My name Alexander I am from Russia, i am writing to you to help with the treatment of crown virus. Apparently I have found solution of the disease and I would like to share it with you. Please answer me.
William Thomas, 1 year ago
I’m addicted
Bruce Inglis, 1 year ago
Great presenters, except James O'Brien? Are you joking? He is the reason I tune in! Plus Eddie Mair.
Maria Hortense Pereira, 1 year ago
the best to learn english! I am Portuguese.
Joan OCallaghan, 1 year ago
LBC was great when I first started listening to it about 15 years ago but the fun element is definitely not there any more. I listen to Nick Ferrari, Ian Dale, Clive Bull, Tom Swarbrick, Nigel Farage, Eddie Mair, Andrew Pierce and a bit of Jacob Ree...
Tim Jones, 1 year ago
Great station, like Andy Castle I agree that James O'Brien is a total bell--- and as soon as 10am arrives its over to Talk Radio with Mike Graham. Also Maajid Nawaz is up his own backside!!
Bob Duggan, 1 year ago
Dave o Brien is the reason for tuning in straight talking and will not suffer fools ….hats off to the great Steve Allen also , reinforced with Maajid , Nick and Sheila makes this my go to station .....
William Hewitt, 1 year ago
Enjoyed James O’Brien on Brexit, however on the Covid fiasco he has become unlistenable.
strawberry helicopter, 1 year ago
I started listening to LBC for Katie Hopkins.. then Nigel Farage... now it's got the BBC lefty crew on weekdays..(Fogarty and Mair).. and the appalling James O'Brien. So I went to Talk Radio....
Steve O'Neill, 1 year ago
I have been listening to LBC for many years now and it is certainly my favourite, however I have to turn off when James O'Brien comes on. It's not that his politics are different to mine (they are!!), it's his broadcasting style I can't stomach! That...
hickey-d, 1 year ago
for some reason they all hate trump ,they do spread a lot of bs on trump too. but i like the phone ins
Jim Howat, 1 year ago
Listened to LBC since it started. Like many I have to turn off at 10am when it's James O Brien and switch to Talk radio..which means I now tend to stay there until Iain at 7. I like all evening shows.
John Galbraith, 1 year ago
3+ stars. Great station and great listening, but like the others in the comments I tend to switch over to Talk Radio when morons like O'Brian and some BLM-lovers/Trump-haters start their nonsense - but I always switch LBC back on because there's plen...
Aleksandr Zatirka, 1 year ago
great listening great listening
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