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The UK’s most exciting new speech radio station, this is personality driven radio at its best. talkRADIO – we’ll get you talking! Your Voice, Where you are!


Telephone: 0344 499 1000
Address: talkRADIO, 18 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ
Instagram: @talkradiouk
Facebook: @talkRADIOUK
Twitter: @TalkRadioUK_
Reception: 020 7959 7800

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Genres: news talk

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Alan Radley, 1 year ago
A great antidote to LBC, especially that O'Brian individual.
Andrew George Hatchley, 1 year ago
I like Talk Radio.
G P, 1 year ago
Light years ahead of the fakenews MSM
Steve Porter, 1 year ago
Love it
Elizabeth Brown, 1 year ago
James and Ash are the best xxxx
james agar, 1 year ago
The Independent Republic of Mike Graham 10am UK time weekdays is excellent.
Joan OCallaghan, 1 year ago
More fun and interesting that the other talk station, especially during the day. Nice to hear a mix of subjects being discussed, not the same conversation on every show. The presenters are not like dictators!
Michael Loveday, 1 year ago
This is the best radio station in briton
Dave Brian, 1 year ago
why does talk radio cut of from youtube at 1am each time as had to find this page
Dennise Dawson, 1 year ago
Fantastic. Best Radio talk ever . Mike Graham is just fantastic. Kev OSullivan is bril too, respectful debate , with honest opinions. It's a must listen to every day !!! . Luv the guests too . Neil Oliver is absolutely fantastic !! . Well done Tal...
anonymous, 1 year ago
Just moved to you from LBC. The tea and water Slurping down the microphone from Steve Allen on his early show was becoming such an irritating experience. How rude of him. Like talking with his mouth full. I always switched off O'Brian and the biggot...