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This Radio is dedicated to the promotion of all types of jazz fusion, jazz and progressive rock music as well as the artists and creators involved.
As the radio name name suggests, fusion music would attract our attention but not exclusively.
As well as pushing the envelope we explore the influences and developments in jazz and rock music.


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Robert Lonergan, 1 year ago
Just tuned in and love it.
Nicholas Murray, 1 year ago
Excellent music.
Augustoaac, 1 year ago
Marcel Bas, 1 year ago
Great music! At last some good, solid fusion. And even a lot of Scott Kinsley.
Kerekes Sándor, 1 year ago
Excellent !!!
adler ramos, 1 year ago
Ver y good full music perfecta musica
Peter Harrysson, 1 year ago
Excellent music station!
Michael Murray, 1 year ago
val o'halloran, 1 year ago
Trio Land, 1 year ago

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