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Zenith Classic Rock is run by true Classic Rock enthusiasts ….well, we like to think so !!!
Alright, the format isn't purely 'Classic Rock', it’s more a fusion, a hybrid, a mish-mash (a carefully constructed one) of Classic Rock tracks, album tracks, songs that mean something to people of a certain age that listened to Radio Caroline, some of the Irish 80s pirates and maybe 70s American FM radio. So sue us!!!


Email: studio@zenithclassicrock.com
Telephone: +083 44 66 816
Website: www.zenithclassicrock.com
Facebook: @groups/zenithclassicrock
Twitter: @ZenithCR

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Genres: classic rock

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Marek Kirschner, 2 months ago
Super rádio
Leszek Puchała, 2 months ago
gaborszabo26, 2 months ago
Birgit Streich, 2 months ago
Best radio station I've found so far in my quite long life :-)