Japanimradio - Osaka listen online

Japanimradio - Osaka

Japanimradio - Osaka

Pop, JMusic, Kpop, Vocaloid and much more !!

Japanimradio is an online anime radio, but it also broadcasts Jpop, JMusic, Kpop, Vocaloid and much more !!
A great way to listen to music from Japan and Korea.


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Genres: japanese

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Mark Sefuentes, 3 weeks ago
Now I wont be bored on my office, this will my past time site Im really glad I found this site :D
Bea Delicado, 1 month ago
Thomas Richard Duarte, 1 month ago
Rádio maravilhosa
Руслан Иванов, 4 weeks ago
こんにちはからロシア :D
小子 拳, 1 month ago
С Новым Годам 2022 ! Всем счастья и здоровья )
Fix Channel, 4 weeks ago
Best the radio jpn i'm from malaysia 🇲🇾
Mad Lynx, 1 month ago
from Russia!!!
David Vinš, 1 month ago
Hello from 🇨🇿
TITAN, 1 month ago
Каждое утро слушаю Радио Осака!
Firestorm Gaming, 2 weeks ago
Yo I guess.