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Radio Sport is New Zealand's only 24/7 sports radio station.

Live commentaries, interviews, sports news on the hour and sports talkback. Our leading journalists and broadcasters keep your eye on the ball.


Ashburton 702AM

Auckland 1332AM

Blenheim 98.5FM

Christchurch 1503AM

Dunedin 693AM

Greymouth 89.9FM

Hawkes Bay 1125AM

Kapiti 1377AM

Manawatu 1089AM

Masterton 91.9FM

Nelson 549AM

Northland 729AM

Rotorua 1350AM

Southland 558AM

Taranaki 774AM

Taupo 107.7FM

Tauranga 1521AM

Timaru 1494AM

Waikato 792AM

Wanganui 1062AM

Wellington 1503AM


Telephone: +64 9 373 0000
Address: 2 Graham Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Twitter: @radiosportnz

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Genres: talk sports

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Tony Davison, 2 months ago
Nothing better than live Rugby (union) on the radio for those of us across the ditch drowning in league and AFL.
Kevin Glavin, 2 months ago
love to hear the sport from N.Z.
Angela Dench, 3 months ago
Excellent.... very clear listening in Aus.
Bevan Hibbs, 2 months ago
Listening in Croatia.. gotta get my kiwi sport fix! 👍🏼
Kevin Graham, 3 months ago
Keep up the great commentary pleasure to listen Radio Sport . Kevy.G Brisbane
Lindsay Batley, 2 months ago
Ant Strachan has been an excellent and informed comments person for rugby international coverage.
Micheal Sobien, 2 months ago
great takes back to the days of Winston Mcarthy
Sherri Weinberg, 2 months ago
Thanks for your commentary Radio Sport:) You're doing a great job and giving us a real gift. Its wonderful to be able to listen to our games from Aussie even if we can't watch although I'm blowed if I know who they cant televise it considering its i...
Tom Emery, 2 months ago
It comes to something when you have to listen from Cardiff, Wales to the Wales v New Zealand commentary in English on a New Zealand free to air radio station because Six Nations Rugby have sold the broadcasting rights. Many, many thanks to you all at...
Neil Hetherington, 2 months ago
Enjoying having a taste of down under on my 'phone! Keep up the.good work.