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CRDC Radio is Classic Rock Deep Cuts online Station owner Jim DeBaun got fed up with the monopoly of corporate radio stations like Citadel, iHeart, Clear Channel, Disney and the rest that have stolen your Rock Format and turned it into a lowest common denominator boring safe playlist. They have made you hate some of the tunes that you used to love because of the repetition and narrow playlists. Join us while we stick it to em and screw Corporate song at a time!!!

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Dave Jackson, 1 anno fa
Jim is very responsive to requests and plays a great mix of deep tracks and some slightly more well known tracks. His stream is rarely down and is commercial free which means he foots the royalty bill entirely. Reach out to him and request a song and...
David Spuria, 1 anno fa
An amazing radio station that has gone against the corporate radio focus testing. This should be a model for terrestrial radio. This is classic rock for smart people who aren't turned off by variety and great album rock!
Steven Evans, 1 anno fa
Classic Rock, the Soundtrack of My Life, Thanks Jim
Bbob Bob, 1 anno fa
Needless to say I was shocked and greatly thankful for you giving the nod to Michigan Boys Greta Van Fleet.
Whisperin Pints, 1 anno fa
CRDC SAVED MY LIFE! Well, one of the best parts anyway! OK it was someone else's life and all she had was gas, but that unfamiliar song really lit her up! Alright, it lasted only momentarily, but it was a Heavenly 3.86 minutes of PMS Lite! Thank you...
Scott Bandeen, 1 anno fa
Jesus, I like your radio station!
Jim DeBaun, 1 anno fa
Thanks for all of the great reviews!! Joe Kenney, We see ourselves as a throwback to the Free Form Rock Stations of the 70's. This is where their were some great "segues" between songs. If you want a station with no segues I would suggest Pandora or...
David P Wright, 1 anno fa
I thought I knew about all of the best online radio stations, but quite frankly I was wrong. This station blows all of the others away. Thanks so much for creating it, stay safe.
Smilin' Jack DeBaun, 1 anno fa
Great station. For some odd reason it feels like I grew up listening to all your song lists.
Joe Kenney, 1 anno fa
Hi Jim, thanks for the response! I didn't expect one! I realized my "review" was a bit negative (I only wrote it because I kept hearing the end of Jimi's "All Along the Watchtower" getting cut off, but it's cool -- I dig the progressive radio vibe!...