93 KZLE ascolta la diretta

KZLE 93.1 FM is a radio station licensed to serve Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 93 KZLE provides North Central and Northeast Arkansas with 99,000 watts of rock. The best variety. The largest rock library.

Contatti della stazione radio

Telefono: 870-793-9393
Fax: 870-793-5222
Indirizzo: 920 Harrison St. Ste C Batesville, AR 72501-6949
Sito web: www.whiterivernow.com
Facebook: @93KZLE
Office Phone: 870-793-4196


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Generi: classic rock rock

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Amanda Shellstrom, 1 anno fa
Black hole sun....Hell yes Much better!! Thank you
marcus krieger, 1 anno fa
Hey I m from Germany and your radio Station rocks like hell Baby
Marty Heinike, 1 anno fa
Unfreaking wonderful, thanks and am grateful I finally found a station that under stands classic rock.
Bret Johnson, 1 anno fa
I speak for a lot of us here in Batesville, we love the 'Core' on Saturday nights, and the music you play afterwards is great
Carl Bailey, 1 anno fa
FYI... Landing in London isn’t sung by Bob Seger. It’s Three Doors Down, it’s the third time I’ve heard you say it. Take it out if the loop and get it right please.
Aaron Pringle, 1 anno fa
Journey Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'... the most annoying song played today.
Bret Johnson, 1 anno fa
I speak for alot of us here at Lyon college, we LOVE all the newer hard rock songs that you guys play late nite,early morning hours, Five Fnger Death Punch, GodSmack,Seether, just to name a few...We Love It!
Scott Swift, 1 anno fa
Nuthin else round here compares with u. Great music, great planning only station I will listen to
Danny Moran, 1 anno fa
Best classic radio station l have heard beats anything here in Memphis
Paul Moore, 1 anno fa
I just heard Disturbed's version of "The Sound of Silence". Gave me goosebumps. I LOVE this station!