94.5 The Arrow ascolta la diretta

94.5 The Arrow is a commercial radio station located in Fort Myers, Florida, providing classic rock music format.

Contatti della stazione radio

Telefono: +(239) 479-5594
Indirizzo: 2824 PALM BEACH BLVD FORT MYERS, FL 33916
Sito web: 945thearrow.com
Facebook: @945thearrow

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Generi: classic rock

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Adrianus Winselaar, 1 anno fa
Very nice radio station
Mike Thomas, 1 anno fa
I enjoy this station. The 9 to noon no commercials is a added plus. I still listen throughout the day. A good mix of music.
Pamela Miller, 1 anno fa
Favorite station. Favorite station.
Ruthann Seitz Kling, 1 anno fa
Love this station we are down hear for a week from pa and this is a rocken good station. Love you all for making my week rock !!!!!
Steve Turmaine, 1 anno fa
New to Florida. Not new to fantastic music. I only tried or found one station when I got here, and it was you! Thanks for saving me a ton of trouble shuffling cd's , and playing with the IPOD
Geoff Roper, 1 anno fa
Last week, we were vacationing on Marco Island. We found your station. Kept the radio on 94.5 all week long until we were out of range just south of Orlando. Good job, y'all!
Michael Outlaw, 1 anno fa
For five years I have been vacationing in Ft. Myers.
Steve Bekavac, 1 anno fa
you guys Rock Steve from Shytown now live in Lehigh Acres Florida ,
José Luís Bergantiños López, 1 anno fa
Hello from Cuba
Dusty Carpenter, 1 anno fa
This radio station is great.
Kenneth Gastineau, 1 anno fa
Kenneth from Phoenix Arizona great music.
JOE S, 1 anno fa
When iM in Ft Myers first thing i do is put my radio channel to 94.5 to get The Arrow ,they place the BEST CLASSIC ROCK MUSIC IN FLORIDA - ?%
Carol Perrow, 1 anno fa
Please remove the "Love Shack" from your Play List! It is played almost everyday at least twice! I really dislike I Heart Radio, but since I'm stuck with it on almost any station! For the most part I like your station!
Maritta Reissig, 1 anno fa
Einfach geile Musik den Sender nehmen wir mit nach Deutschland
Reiner Mehnert, 1 anno fa
der Sender für Florida und nun sehr wahrscheinlich auch für zu Hause in Germany.
normand boudreau, 1 anno fa
Vacationing in fort Myers. 94.5 makes me feel at home. That's why your music is on all the time.