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The Loop 97.9 is a classic rock radio station serving the Chicago metropolitan area. Almost 40 years of the best Rock 'n' Roll. 24/7/365. Playing nothing but the rock of Chicago & MANCOW MORNINGS

Contatti della stazione radio

Telefono: 312-591-7625
Indirizzo: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 230 Chicago, IL 60654
Sito web:
Facebook: @WLUPTheLoop

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Generi: classic rock

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Rob Szymanski, 1 anno fa
The loop was the best station in chicago.. Off air as of Sat. March
Ramon Perez, 1 anno fa
los mejores recuerdos de mi juventud son de Chicago
Анатолий Маленков, 1 anno fa
Neil Young - Its godlike!!!
Dekic Marko, 1 anno fa
it's good music
Angel Rivera, 1 anno fa
Ioannis Papaioannou, 1 anno fa
One of the best stations for rock music!!!
Jim Hoogland, 1 anno fa
Nice music,greetings from The Hague,Netherlands.
Jaime Estrella, 1 anno fa
Great music, greetings from Ecuador
Jon Miles, 1 anno fa
My go to station growing up (70's) and now my go to station again! Disco sucks Chicago rocks!
Kalle Parve, 1 anno fa
good radio ILikeit
Nel Medrano, 1 anno fa
Why'd does the chick sound like an airhead .
Larry Harris, 1 anno fa
just like I remember
Robert Hague, 1 anno fa
Wow cool ? lol