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Magic Oldies Florida - The Oldies on the Planet! Hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's - Magic Oldies Florida with Special Digital Sound Processing. Oldies s Never sounded Better! Check us out today and Smile.


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Telefon: 954-633-2890 , 1800-940-4991
Adres: PO BOX 936012, 33093-6012 Margate, United States
- 954-590-3000

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Gatunki: 70s 60s 80s oldies

Dziękuję Ci. Twoja recenzja została wysłana i zostanie opublikowana po weryfikacji.


Leo Sirios, 1 rok temu
Frank Montiel, 1 rok temu
Great Oldies variety, love it
Rece Porter, 1 rok temu
Listening in the UK. Great mix of music!
Jorge Gómez, 1 rok temu
me da mucho gusto poder oir la emisora mientras trabajo estoy en cuba
EDIVALDO SILVA, 1 rok temu
Nota 10!
Ioan George Lipovan, 1 rok temu
9/5 enjoying your best music variety! Nice job! All the best!
standa šetka, 1 rok temu
super,super,supr radio.
anonymous, 1 rok temu
Fantastic. Am in Spain and I can listen to it...
Ioan Gabar, 1 rok temu
Pawel Milczarek, 1 rok temu
ie ok supro nadaik muza
Concey911 C, 1 rok temu
Great oldies, most songs I haven't thought about in years. Lots of good memories.
Rollo Ravenscroft, 1 rok temu
Great memories - I stream Magic Oldies ever day here in Pringle Bay at Southern tip of Africa. Pringle Bay is situated in a world Heritage Site A unique Biosphere - we have more plant spicies than the whole of the Amozon Rain Forrest. Plenty of wil...
lui moi, 1 rok temu
My favorite station , the best on the web. my location is Nantes in France. Just facing you in Florida but with the Atlantic ocean between us. I am 70 age and your music is all what I love to ear.