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That 70's Channel

That 70's Channel

The Biggest Hits of the 70's

Teraz gra That 70's Channel:

16:40 Linda Ronstadt - Ooh Baby Baby
16:32 CHICAGO - Searchin' So Long '74
16:28 ERIC CLAPTON - I Shot the Sherrif
16:20 KANSAS - Carry on My Wayward Sun
16:12 STYX - Lady '75
16:10 UNDISPUTED TRUTH - Smiling Faces
16:06 Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died
16:04 HEART - Crazy on You '76
15:56 ELTON JOHN - Your Song '70
15:52 Rufus & Chaka Khan - You Got The Love
15:48 EAGLES - Witchy Woman '72

That 70's Channel is an internet radio station from Sacramento, California, United States, providing Classic Rock, Pop and R&B from the 1970s.

Hi Friends and Welcome to THAT 70's CHANNEL - The Biggest Hits of the Seventies and More, Remember the orange shag carpeting, your Mom’s harvest gold kitchen, Looking back we wanted a Camaro, Cuda or Mustang but we settled for a Pinto, Vega or Mom and Dad’s Station Wagon hey it was wheels and we drove our first Honda – however it was a motorcycle.

Our hair was what ever we wanted and didn’t care what we wore as long as it was jeans and a sometimes a t-shirt. It was cool to have a Pioneer Stereo with Jensen co-ax speakers, put settled for a Realistic. Social media started in the 70’s it was CB radio (breaker-breaker, Baby doll you there), and even though we didn't make a ton of money, Tower Records and the Warehouse was the place to buy the music!70’s Rock, Pop, Soul, Country and even Disco favorites were our best friends and although we didn’t care about disco, we’d still go out dancing to it on Friday and Saturday nights. Then there were the songs we secretly treasured but would never tell a soul until our best friend found a Shaun Cassidy’ 8-track in the stereo when spending the night or even worse caught you singing in the mirror “Hey Deanie won’t you come out tonight”.

Thank you for making us your #1 choice for 70’s Music and Fun and Have a Nice Day!

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midnight rider71, 1 rok temu
edward canessa, 1 rok temu
Congratulations from Peru, thats radio need, excelent music in all time. Thank you
Alfredo Enrique Perez Mujica, 1 rok temu
His style is unique, I like it a lot, from Venezuela with love, happy thanksgiving.
Veronica Pino-Gonzalez, 1 rok temu
Hermosa y Gran música....Felicitaciones por tener muy buen gusto. Me acompaña cada dia en mi oficina (santiago de chile).
J Hawk, 1 rok temu
Cette station est super, je suis content de l'avoir trouvée.
Brenda McCart McAshan, 1 rok temu
My sister in law hooked me up to 70’s ch
Pedro Elichalt, 1 rok temu
Simply THE greatest period for music
Carlos Afonso, 1 rok temu
Great Radio Station! Wonderful songs! Awesome playlist! Carlos from Petrópolis (near Rio de Janeiro).
Alberto St., 1 rok temu
What a Great radio station, Great music. congratulations Guys. I listen you from Costa Rica and now back in Toronto - Canada... Good and Great songs.
Armando Ortega Altamirano, 1 rok temu
Great Radio Station! Wonderful songs! Awesome playlist! greatest period for music toluca mx
Елена Кислица, 1 rok temu
Спасибо за хорошее настроение и душевные воспоминания о молодости! Санкт-Петербург, Россия.
Herwig Dierckx, 1 rok temu
geest radio station and alove the music
Garry Ratnik, 1 rok temu
Roger Voeller, 1 rok temu
You have captured the sounds of the 70's so very well. My wife tells me to wake up to the 21st century all the time, but I just cannot leave that part of my life. Keep up the great 70's sounds.
Antonio Favaro, 1 rok temu
ótima rádio!! Brasil
osmar treft, 1 rok temu
Bom l
luiz otavio schueler, 1 rok temu
Shubunkin Passovich, 1 rok temu
Oh youth! You can’t imagine any better than that. Bravo! Music erases boundaries and distances. Vladivostok.
Oscar Machuca, 1 rok temu
Enjoying the songs, from Paraguay in South America...!!
Dina Sabban, 1 rok temu
Hello there! warm greetings from Israel! listen to your music and enjoy~
Lazaro Manuel Mesa, 1 rok temu
Great Radio Station I like so much the Oldies music 70s...I Live in Cuba Congratulations for your Good Work.
Great playlist!! Thanks again for this mood!
Bruno Basma, 1 rok temu
Toute la musique de ma jeunesse... je m'éclate tous les jours grâce à vous ! Bruno from PROVENCE/FRANCE.
Zsolt Kisvardai, 1 rok temu
It's a great radio station. When I first heard it fell in love with it. How could I live without it. When I turn on my laptop the first thing is to turn on this station. It puts me in the mood. Thnx guys.
Manuel Sierra, 1 rok temu
Saludos desde Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México !!!!
Alonso Jaramillo Gonzalez, 1 rok temu
Alonso Jaramillo Gonzalez. La mejor emisora que he escuchado en vivo, desde Colombia mil felicitaciones y continúen con la calidad y la buena música.
anonymous, 1 rok temu
Absolutely Awesome
jhon weffer, 1 rok temu
Bob Sloan, 1 rok temu
70's were the Best of Times. Thanks you guys, made my night. Canada loves the classics. Happy 2021 !!!
Ghadis Kawan, 1 rok temu
Thanks for the music!! Greetings from Holland.